A Long Day Here In Washington DC

Yesterday felt like one of the longest days ever here in Washington DC. It all started when I woke up this morning, and realized that I had a lot to do. I had to get my daughter dressed and off to daycare. Then I had to bake a bunch of cookies for a bake sale that her daycare was having and get them dropped off when I would leave to pick her up later. I had work to do, and I needed to get some housework done as well. I knew this day would not start itself unless I got out of bed.

After I got dressed and helped my daughter get ready, I took her to daycare and she got there just in time for breakfast. That was good, since a lot of times she misses breakfast if I don’t get her there early enough. I realized I needed to stop at the Walmart here in Washington DC, because I didn’t have everything I would need to make the cookies and other baked goods for the sale. I went in and was amazed to find how busy the store was. It wasn’t something I was expecting, and I had to fight the crowds in order to get everything I needed.

When I was finally ready to check out, I had a long line. The cashier was friendly and effective, but the woman ahead of me was one of those serious coupon types, so she was holding up the line for quite a bit of time. When she was finally done, I breezed through, so I get home and start cooking. I took the dogs out when I got home, and got started working. I realized I had to make two types of cookies and brownies. That sounds easy, but I had to change the temperature in the oven and keep a careful eye on it as I baked everything.

I was hoping I would be able to get some house work done in the meantime, but I realized that was not going to happen with how busy I was. So after I got everything baked, I took a look and examined what cleaning needed to be done to keep the house looking presentable. I had to wash dishes and clean up the kitchen for sure. I realized I had to get some work done too. Despite what many people think, my life here in Washington DC is very fast paced.

Finally, I was done and able to pick my daughter back up from daycare. I dropped off my baked goods, happy to have those out of my hair. I thought it might be helpful for my daughter to work with me in getting the house cleaned. She picked up her room and helped me make the beds, even if it just consisted of throwing things around. Then it was time for dinner. This was quite an end to our long day here in Washington DC.