Cleaning Grandma’s House In Washington DC

Every week, my husband and I have to go down to Washington DC, and help his grandmother clean her house. Because she is 90 years old and lives all by herself, she often needs someone to help her manage daily life. She is worried about having someone else come in and take care of her, that she wanted us to do it. She offered to pay us, which made up for the work that we would miss that day. So, my husband and I agreed, and promised we would come out once a week to help her with whatever she needed.

Grandma doesn’t have a big house. It is actually a ranch house with three bedrooms. It’s a decent size, but it’s not large at all, so thankfully we don’t have to do a lot of deep cleaning. She has a dog and pet fish, so we often have to help take care of them and make sure they have everything they need, from a trip to the groomers to a clean fish tank. When we arrived at her house today, she asked me to clean the bathroom. I don’t mind cleaning, and the bathroom she asked me to clean was the guest bathroom, so I wasn’t worried about spending a lot of time in there. I know her bathroom tends to get messy, because she doesn’t see very well, and often drops things no matter what room she is in.

I got the cleaners I needed, and went in to handle the sink and the tub. I sprayed down the tub, knowing I would have to let the solution sit for awhile in order to fully break down everything in the tub. I also sprayed solution on the sink but I began wiping that down right away. I thought it would be best if I cleaned the mirror, although it wasn’t really dirty. I didn’t know when the next time that we would get out to Washington DC was, and I figured it was better to be safe than sorry. Finally, I had to clean the toilet. I knew the water in the toilet was rusty and there might be possible plumbing problems, so I cleaned the bowl out twice, and told my husband what was going on, in case he thought we needed to do something and have a plumber come out.

After I finished cleaning, I changed the air fresheners in her bathroom, so it would smell fresh and there wouldn’t be anymore problems with the bathroom having a stale odor. Thankfully we are the only ones that really use the bathroom, since no one else really comes to visit her in Washington DC. I knew she would be happy with how it would look, and turned off the fan and put everything away. I know its not easy to help take care of her, but it makes me happy that we can make her house look beautiful and keep her happy.