Creating A Gingerbread House With My Mother In Washington DC

My mother is coming to visit me here in Washington DC. I know my daughter will be very happy, because she doesn’t get to spend as much time as she wants to with her Nana. This time when my mother comes over, she and my daughter are going to spend time building a gingerbread house. I don’t remember building one when I was younger, so this experience will be a first for me as well. My daughter is very excited because she loves anything to do with baking, and she loves all kinds of sweet things.

My husband and I went to the store and purchased a gingerbread house kit. I thought it was cute, but lacking a bit in the types of things I wanted the house to include. We went to a different store in Washington DC, because I didn’t see enough add-on decorations that was included in the first kit. When we got to the second store, we were pleased to see add-ons such as a little kit that offered penguins skating on a candy pond, candy lights and even little snowmen that could be placed alongside the gingerbread house.

My husband and I were happy with the additional decorations that we found for the gingerbread house. We got home and told my mother to plan for a day that she would like to come down to Washington DC, so she and my daughter could spend some time together making the house. She asked if she could come next weekend and I told her that would be great. When the day finally came my daughter was so excited and was jumping around the house, ready to help her Nana make the cookie house she was looking forward to eating.

My mother arrived that day, and they spend time putting the house together. I think the toughest part was using icing to glue everything together, which my daughter was not used to. I know they had to let it dry a little while, which was hard for my daughter. After it dried it looked great. Now they were able to do the fun part of adding on decorations, which I knew would be her favorite part. They added the little stick on candies and even used sprinkles and frosting to make the house look extra pretty.

When it was finally done, I wanted to take a picture of her work. I knew she put a lot of time and effort into making the house as beautiful as it turned out. As soon as they were done, I took several pictures. I decided I would put these on Facebook, so that our family member who lived outside of Washington DC would be able to see how beautiful it looked. We thought this would make a great present for my husband’s grandmother, so we kept it somewhere safe until Christmas Day. I know she will think it’s extra special, because it came from her great-granddaughter.