Feeding My Pets Healthy Food In Washington DC

I love all my pets very much, and always want to do everything I can to take care of them. Because dog nutrition changes year after year, I have trouble keeping up on what the best ways are to ensure my dogs are eating healthy. I decided the first thing I would do is talk to my vet here in Washington DC. I asked him what foods he suggested for my dogs based on their ages and their nutritional needs. Both dogs stay in a lot during the winter, but I love to get them outside as much as I can during the summer. He felt that wet food would be best for my chihuahua, since he was an older small dog and had bad teeth. He suggested a combination of wet and dry for my shepherd, since she loves to eat a lot, and it appears she is never full no matter what we do.

I went to the Petco here in Washington DC. There was one brand that my vet suggested. It was called Pet Food By Nature, and it had drawings of animals as their ancestral dog hunting in the wild. For example, food for small dogs showed a fox on the package hunting chicken. Dogs that were bigger like my shepherd were shown as wolves going after deer. I thought it was an interesting marketing plan, the beautiful pictures certainly caught my eye when I was out shopping. It’s hard to find the right type of dog food when you don’t know to look for, so I appreciated my vet’s suggestions and knew these foods would be best for the animals.

I picked out a few cans and a bag of dry. My vet told me that it was most important I transition both dogs slowly into the new diet. Especially with the older dog, it would be hard to manage their diet in a way that would not upset their tummies. That is why adding small amounts of food and changing how much you plan to feed them is important. This food was considered healthier food, so I wasn’t sure how the dogs would like it. I felt it would be a difficult sell, but I was willing to try anything to get them to adopt better eating habits.

After I brought the food home, I began mixing a small amount of the new food in with more of the original food they were already eating. I’m glad there’s a pet store near my home, because getting everything you need to switch a dog’s diet isn’t easy in Washington DC. I offered some food to both dogs. The small dog turned his nose up, which is what I expected him to do. The shepherd ate hers right away, because she isn’t that much of a fussy eater. Finally, the little dog began to eat his food, because he didn’t want his sister to get anything of his.