Getting A New Tub Installed In Washington, DC

My husband and I decided that it was time to go shopping for a new bathtub. I don’t like the current one at our home in Washington DC because it isn’t big enough, and doesn’t have as much space as I would like. For a long time we were considering getting a garden tub, so I thought it would be nice to go visiting one of the home improvement stores in town to see what they had to offer. My husband agreed that it was worth checking out and we went to see what they had in stock.

We drove to our local store and went to look at the variety of tubs. Although Washington DC is a big city, I was expecting more in terms of styles of tubs offered. We couldn’t find anything I liked, so I told my husband we should go back home and look online to see what the possibilities were. We did, and found the exact type of tub we wanted. It was something that was only offered online, and wasn’t sold in the store. This made me upset, because I felt it should be easier to get ahold of the type of tub I am looking for. I hate it when things are only for sale online, so I sighed and told my husband we should contact the store and see if they could help us in any way.

We contacted the store, and they informed us that although they wanted to help us, that tub was only available online. My husband and I broke down and ordered it, because what else was there to do if we wanted to get this particular style of tub? We got it and were able to have it shipped to the Washington DC store, so we could save money on shipping. We were able to speak with someone about having the tub installed, and getting an appointment set up to make things easier. We got the inspection scheduled for three days later, which was fine with me I knew it wouldn’t be easy and the process to get the tub installed would take awhile, but as long as we got it put in I would be happy.

We had the installer come out later that week and install it along with taking the old one away. I was happy with the way the tub looked, and I tried it out later that night to make sure everything was working okay. There was even plenty or room for me to put my shampoo bottles and other items that I needed. I told my husband I was happy with the way the new tub looked, and we should tell all our friends and family that we got lucky when we ordered from the home improvement store in Washington DC. I can’t imagine going anywhere else or getting as much help as we did when it came to getting out tub installed.