Getting Ready For Another Baby In Washington DC

My husband and I have been thinking about having another child. We love our daughter, but we would like to have at least three children. We decided that the best thing to do would be to start planning for what sorts of items we would need for our second child. It is not cheap living here in Washington DC, so I wanted to see what items we would need to get or register for, and compare that to what we already owned. We had a bassinet and a swing, so those were two items I didn’t have to worry about getting.

I went through the baby clothes and realized that folks had given us a lot of items that were ideal for a girl, but there was almost nothing that was gender neutral. This was kind of frustrating, but I figured that we could just get some second-hand clothes if we had to. I knew that my daughter’s bottles were all thrown out, so that would be something we needed. I still had the bottle rack that we used for her, so I knew we were good on that. We have a couple of baby stores here in Washington DC, but things are costly here.

I knew diapers would be something that we could not avoid no matter how much we wanted to. I realized we would have to start stockpiling diapers, which would be a little tricky. I don’t know how fast our second child would grow out of diapers, but I figured that it would be best to get a little bit of each, and then estimate once our child got here. I know we needed new pacifiers too, because we threw out so many of the ones that our daughter had.

We still had a bouncy chair and a crib, but I thought it would be nice to have a newer crib. I thought about going to baby resales that are sometimes held around Washington DC, and see what items I could get at an affordable price for our next child. I wish everything wasn’t so marked up, but I know that baby items are considered big market buys for many companies, so I figured we would have to take stock of what was needed and pick things up along the way to save money on stuff.

My husband and I discussed that if we had another child, we didn’t have a lot of room in our Washington DC apartment. We would be able to keep him or her in the same room as us for awhile, but after that first year of life, we would have to move somewhere with more space. We thought this might be the best thing for everyone, since that way both our children would have plenty of space to run around and play in. Moving is always hard, but by the time our second child comes, I know I will like it even less than I did the first time.