My Daughter’s Daycare in Washington DC

My daughter goes to one of the best daycares here in Washington DC. I love it because all the teachers are like extended family, and I know they take such good care of her. When I drop her off in the morning, we use our key FOB to get inside the building. This protects the children from getting out on their own, and keeps unwanted people who have no association with the daycare from coming in at any time. If I get there early enough in the day, I take her to the baby and toddler room. Here, the children are watched together until the toddler teacher arrives for the morning.

If I get to the daycare later in the day, her teacher is already in the toddler room, and I take her directly there. Although I have a busy day here in Washington DC, and I don’t stay to observe the day, I have a general idea of what happens. The children gather with their teacher and have circle time in the morning. During this time, they sing songs and the teacher reads a bible story to them. My daughter’s daycare is religious, which I think translates into better care and teachers that truly love their job.

After the children have their circle time, they have a little bit of free play. Sometimes they play with dolls, cars, or other toys that are made for children their age. Later, if the weather is warm, they will go outside to play in the playground. If it is too cold or rainy, they will play in a large playroom. There are items such as a water table, small bikes, and other things they can enjoy playing with. After they are done, they usually have snack time.

Snack time then gives way to an art project. I know in the past my daughter has made many beautiful projects that involved macaroni necklaces, paintings, and even decorative pinecones. I treasure everything she makes, because it is so special to me. The daycare here in Washington DC sometimes puts the children’s’ artwork on display, so everyone can enjoy their talents and see how creative our little ones are. After that, the children usually settle down and have something to eat. I know the menu that is offered is nutritious and well-balanced, so I never worry about her not having enough.

After naptime, the children can go outside again and have more free time to run around and exercise. Then, they usually have their afternoon snack. By that time, I am ready to come in and pick up my daughter for the day. At first, she used to cry a lot, but now she knows that I always come back for her. I love the daycare here in Washington DC, and I cannot imagine taking her anyplace else. I know the love and care that everyone here offers to genuine, and that means a lot to me as a parent.