My Day In Washington DC

Washington DC and my wonderful day in it

  • I first drove to get my nails done which I loved by the way.
  • I then drove through traffic that took my 48 minutes just to get to the grocery store from the nail shop.
  • My son called and I found out that we had a busted pipe, I called a plumber and then he told me that I could pick the part up.  That took me another 52 minutes to get there.
  • Long story short the driving in Washington, DC is absolutely ridiculous.
  • Found the plumber here Washington DC
  • Overall, if you live in Washington DC there isn’t really that much to do except drive.
  • It’s also very expensive to live in DC
  • Some things to do are go-carts, bumper cars, swimming, boat rides, movies, pizza, eating in general, wineries, shopping at the big malls, and a little bit more, but nothing to exciting.