Our Favorite TV Shows Here In Washington DC

I love living in Washington DC. Although there is a lot to see, my husband and I love to stay in and watch TV sometimes too. This holds true during the cold months, when getting out isn’t the best thing to do, and everyone wants to stay inside and relax as much as possible. Thankfully, we get some pretty good tv channels in our area, and we almost never have any shortage of things to watch when its wintertime, and we want to stay in and chill out. We have channels just for my daughter too, and watch more of those than we would like to.

When my daughter watches tv, she likes to see what the other kids here in Washington DC watch. Paw Patrol is a popular show. She loves anything to do with dogs, and always enjoys the adventures that the dogs on the show get into. Sometimes I get tired of the shows because they seem to be the same thing repeatedly, but I go with the mindset of whatever makes her happy, and if it is not too much tv. We try to get her to watch educational shows as much as possible, such as Wally the Troll and a couple of others that teach words and other educational topics, but aren’t boring to the children. I have seen some that are just nonsensical, but I guess times have changed from when I was a child.

When my husband and I settle in for the night we like to watch reality shows. But we don’t enjoy things like American Idol. Instead, we would rather watch A&E, and see hard-hitting reality dramas. I like to watch Intervention, because I think too many people are addicted to drugs, and it is a problem that needs to be stopped across the country. I wish more people understood the situation. My husband is working toward his degree in law enforcement, and he is interested in anything that has to do with criminal justice. He watches Live PD and 60 Days in. he has said he would rather work on a police force and have a positive effect in the community. He views working in the correctional system as important, but very depressing, due to the nature of the current justice system.

Many ties we are busy with a life outside of the house, so we record shows that we are interested in, and watch them later. Life gets crazy here in Washington DC, but thankfully we have a DVR, so we don’t miss any of the shows that we want to keep watching. I remember back in the day when it wasn’t possible to do this, and I would end up missing a lot of shows. Now, that is never a problem, and I can get into any series I like, without worrying if I am going to miss something because of my schedule and what is going on in life today.