Potty Training My Daughter In Washington, DC

My daughter is two and a half years old, but she is still resisting using the toilet. I know that it’s never easy to potty train a child, particularly those who don’t want to go to the bathroom on their own. My husband and I went to the store here in Washington, DC, and got her a toilet that had her favorite cartoon characters and even made a sound when she flushed it. Our daughter was not impressed and told us that she didn’t like her toilet. It was her own little seat, and it was also removeable so it could have been put on top of the toilet that the rest of us in the family use.

We then went to the store and got her training pants, hoping this would get her to be conscious of when she was going potty, and let us know when she had to go. We put them on and she was fine at first, but when she started going, she got very angry and told us she wanted a diaper back on. We told her no, and that she had to let us know what was going on so we could help her learn how to use the potty seat. I wish I could tell you that this was more of a positive experience, but in all honesty, she wasn’t thrilled about the toilet or learning how to sit on it, even if she was allowed to sit on the big person toilet.

I sat down and read a book with her that I had gotten from the mall here in Washington, DC about learning how to use the potty. She liked the story since it was about a princess, but when I asked her if she was going to be a big girl like the princess, she told me no, and that she didn’t like the toilet. My husband and I even got videos and had to sit through videos of her favorite cartoon characters talking about the toilet and how they wanted to use it, but that only entertained her up until a certain point. I thought the silliest part about all of this was not only her refusal to tell us when she had to go, but noticing when the animals did and telling us, especially at dinner time when we were eating.

It wasn’t until we put her in daycare in Washington, DC and she saw other children her own age using the toilet, that she wanted to learn how to do the same. I know most people say peer pressure is a bad thing, but in our daughter’s case, this was very helpful, and I was glad she was able to learn from her classmates the importance of going to the bathroom. It helped that the daycare had child-sized toilets and sinks that were made even more attractive to my daughter, because they were just her size. Either way, I was happy when she finally was ready to learn.