Taking My Dogs To The Vet In Washington DC.

My husband and I live in Washington DC, and because out city is so big, there’s always a lot of establishments to choose from, regardless of what we need. One of the most important places we had to look for was a vet for our dogs. I wanted someone who had the capability to handle many different issues, but also take care of our dogs in a warm and loving manner. We have a German shepherd and a chihuahua mix. Some people would say that is too much of a difference in size, but both dogs love each other very much, and I don’t think they could imagine life without one another.

Our vet in Washington DC has a large office. Inside is a salt water fish tank, which my daughter loves to look at every time we go in. There are several different fishes and even living coral. There are a couple of resident cats that are allowed to roam throughout the vet office, and they are the personal pets of the vet. I know out vet is committed to savings animals. He has helped many no-kill shelters, by caring for and even rehabilitating pets that people turned loose or even neglected to get proper care for. One of the reasons I chose our vet is because it is well-known in the community how much he cares about animal welfare, and wants to make the world a better place for all animals, even those that don’t have owners.

We needed to drop our dogs off one day. The small dog needed a dental. Because he is a chihuahua, his breed is predisposed to problems with their teeth. The German shepherd is still young and healthy, but she needs to get fixed so we don’t have any problems with her temperament. Sometimes she acts too overprotective of myself and my daughter, and it’s hard for our family to do things because she barks at strange people, thinking they mean harm. We hope that by getting her fixed, we can avoid many of these problems.

When we took both dogs in, it was early on a Tuesday morning, and there we no other patients, thankfully. We would pick our chihuahua up later that day, since his procedure wouldn’t take as long. The German shepherd needed to spend a night there, since she had to be monitored for problems after her surgery. When we picked the chihuahua up, he had a couple of teeth pulled, and was very tired. The shepherd was recovering, and we got to check on her and see that she was doing well. We were scheduled to pick her up next morning, and she would need to wear a cone, to protect everything and so she wouldn’t lick at herself. I know she wasn’t happy with the cone, but getting her fixed was the best thing for her health and personality. I was glad everything was done in a timely manner in Washington DC.