3 Little Plumbing Problems That Could Escalate Into a Plumbing Emergency

There are many small plumbing problems that the average Joe can find a quick fix solution to. Now, with the internet being filled with so much information you can find out how to deal with these little issues in no time. But, sometimes the small problem could actually be a precursor to or an actual sign of a bigger problem. When these problems present themselves it is important that you call your local plumbing technician to resolve the issue quickly. The only way to be safe from impending plumbing problems is to have a regular maintenance schedule set up at your convenience.

1. Leaks

Leaks are one of the most profound and often found repairs home and business owners have to deal with. This is because there are so many places they can happen. Leaks in the faucets and toilets are annoying but they can also rack up your water bill. Not only that, but if left alone for too long they could also promote the buildup of rust or mold. If it gets to that point, calling a plumbing company will solve the problem and save money on your water bill,along with leaving you with a rust and mold free system.

Leaks also occur in and around the water heater. This is generally fixed by replacing the valve, but if the leak is left to linger for too long, it could also affect the interior of the water heater as well as the exterior. When the inside of the water heater rusts from a leak, you then have to have your unit replaced.

No matter where the leak is, nothing good will come of it. If you’re unable to stop the leaking, avoid flooding and standing water by calling an emergency plumbing service.

2. Clogs

Drain clogs can means different things depending on the plumbing system. There are chemical draining solutions but it has been found that most of these host harmful chemicals and are ultimately not too good for your plumbing systems. Fixing a clogged sink is a difficult task, but if the clog is beyond your reach then is the time to call for an emergency plumbing service. If a system stays clogged for too long it can accrue bacteria and cause mold, calcification, and other problems, not to mention overflowing. Clogs in the toilet are generally fixed with a plunger or other methods but if it isn’t dealt with quickly and properly it could cause or be linked to a sewage backup.

3. Broken or Burst Pipes

Hopefully you haven’t had to deal with this problem as much. There are many ways an underground pipe can break. They can be invaded by tree roots, be the accident of a shoveling error, or if they were involved in an earthquake water lines can become broken. There is no quick fix to this one and it is an immediate plumbing emergency. It could be a small problem or you could be wasting a lot of water unknowingly. The unknown factor is what escalates this problem and requires you to call your local DC plumbing company as soon as possible. Pipes also burst during the freeze-thaw cycle. This is important to know during the seasonal changes.

There are many ways to handle a small plumbing malfunction. But, it is better to call a plumbing technician so that you can save yourself from a possible plumbing catastrophe and a pounding headache.