Walking My Dogs Around My Home In Washington DC

I love where I live in Washington DC. The area is very friendly to people who enjoy exercising and getting outside as much as possible. One thing I do every day (at least on the days that are nice out) is take all my dogs out for a walk and get them out to enjoy some fresh air. There is a bike path near my house, and this is the perfect area for both dogs to go walking and enjoy some fresh air, without worrying about them going off the path or getting infected with ticks or some other type of bug that runs around these areas.

During the summer, I love taking both dogs out and seeing them walk around and enjoying the fresh air. We must cross the street, which depending on the time of day, is tricky. Sometimes there is a lot of traffic around our little home outside of Washington DC. Once we get to the other side, we don’t have to deal with anymore problems with traffic, and the dogs can enjoy their time playing around the bike path and park area. Normally when we walk here, I take my husband and daughter with me, because it’s easier to walk the dogs this way. My daughter appreciates getting out and seeing all the different animals that live along the bike path. During different times in the year, we’ve seen geese and their families, and even birds laying eggs and having babies. When we have time, we’re able to visit the park and get out.

Today, my husband and I walked the dogs around the pond, while our daughter walked in front of us. She saw the bird boxes that were installed on poles that were stuck into the pond. A couple of days ago, we saw a goose family having a reunion. I know when spring comes again, we look forward to seeing the baby geese, since I am sure there will be many who will be out with their parents. My daughter loves anything related to baby animals, and she always thinks little birds are so cute. The dogs walked around and found some squirrels, which they started to bark at. I thought this was funny, but I didn’t want the dogs to bother them anymore, so we went on our way.

We looped around the pond, and started to make our way back home. By this time, the traffic from downtown Washington DC had picked up and become busier than I expected. We managed to catch a break in traffic, and were able to cross the street quickly enough. I was happy that my daughter and I didn’t have to worry about cars, and my husband and the dogs got across the street okay without any other issues. We started to make our way back home, determined to feed everyone and relax, since an outing like today always leaves everyone tired and ready for a nap.