What you should not do in a spa

I have been to several spas in Washington DC. Everyone knows spas are places where you get pampered while you relax. There has been a lot of fuss around the behavior of the attendants. However, few people know what they are required to do and what they should not do when they visit the spa.

I took the liberty of visiting several spas in Washington DC and asking the attendants what spa goers should not do. Here is what I came up with.

  1. We all know that nobody likes those paper knickers and you are not expected to understand them. However, I was told that most people put them on wrong and end up looking like they are getting a reverse wedgie. Another dressing tip is that you should not put them on in the steam room since your genitals are meant to be kept private.
  2. I was used to leaving tips in the treatment room after getting a massage. I would always get weird stares from attendants as I left the spa. One day, I decided to ask and the answer I got surprised me. Handing out tips in the treatment room or corridor gives the impression that you were expecting a happy ending which makes you look like a pervert. Instead, it is better to include tips with the final bill.
  3. We know you are in love if you arrive with your significant other. I mean, that’s the reason you chose couple’s treatment. However, getting frisky in the treatment rooms is not allowed in spas in Washington DC or any other place. Kindly save your passion for a hotel or your home.
  4. Being nervous on the first visit is normal. However, that does not mean that you appear when drunk. I love myself enough to know that I want to be fully aware of what is going on. I saw a drunk man get heavily fined since he fell asleep during treatment and woke up hours later with a terrible hangover. The question attendants were asking is why he came drunk in the first place.
  5. Before I came to Washington DC, I was used to German spas where you are supposed to be completely undressed when going for your treatment. However, I learned that it is the opposite here in Washington DC and any other spas in America. If the spa allows you to be fully nude, you should avoid pointing, making a comment, touching, staring and laughing at others.
  6. Another thing is shaving in the shower. Everyone knows that it is not good to groom yourself intimately in public. If you have to, just do it at home.
  7. I have a Jacuzzi at home, and I am used to having friends and family around, so we chat a lot. However, it is not the same in the spa. Chatting just gives the impression that you are trying to flirt with them. Instead, just keep quiet and enjoy the experience by yourself.

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