Best restaurants in Washington DC

Washington DC is known for museums and monuments. Visitors do not give first consideration to the restaurant scene which is a big mistake. There is a lot to be offered by the culinary world of the city. There is a restaurant for everyone and every mood. Whether you want a romantic dinner or simply to hang out with friends, you will get a restaurant just for you. Here are some of my recommendations.

I visited Arroz to get the best of North African and Iberian Penisula rice delicacies as I had heard. I tried several rice dishes that are topped with aged duck, suckling pig, crab and even spring veggies. I am still amazed at how they managed to balance all those bold flavors.

If you enjoy eating pork, then you should try the Federalist Pig in Adams Morgan. The pit master is known to use six different kinds of wood to melt the pork. You better come early since he is always sold out. The pork is delicious and just melts in your mouth. I sampled all eight different types of meat that had been smoked. I also tried their signature sandwiches with the accompaniments that left a mark on my palate.

Chicken lovers will enjoy the Chicken + Whiskey restaurant found on 14th street. Here, I got to enjoy biting into succulent South American chicken with over 60 whiskeys available in the back. The restaurant is a fast casual restaurant-bar hybrid in Washington DC that specializes in chicken recipes and whiskey. Everything is affordable and delicious. I tried several cocktails once I went through the refrigerator door at the back that leads to the whiskey bar.

Timber Pizza Company was initially a foot truck but has graduated to becoming a restaurant in Petworth. Since I love everything about pizza, this restaurant has to be on my list of places to visit in Washington DC. The restaurant is famous for having great pizzas and was even ranked among the best new restaurants in America in 2017.

Whaley’s & the Rose Garden at Whaley’s is one of the best seafood spots in Capitol Riverfront. There are no reservations, and I got to enjoy delicious seafood in the midst of a very pink rose garden. There is a wide selection of meals and drinks I sampled as I enjoyed the beautiful scenery since the restaurant overlooks the river.

Kinship & Metier is a Michelin star restaurant that is perfect for celebratory dinners. I wanted to celebrate my stay in Washington DC, and this was the restaurant I visited. The meals are delicious and served in a family style way. It is a classy restaurant, and I had to make reservations in advance. Also, all men were expected to maintain the dressing code by wearing jackets in the restaurant.

Who does not like Mexican cuisine? I went to Ivy City to get the best from La Puerta Verde that had great reviews on their dishes. I tried nine types of tacos and their spicy dishes. I cannot pronounce most of them, but it was the best experience in Washington DC when it came to Mexican food.