Plumbing Services

When you experience plumbing problems, you want to make sure that you have the best technicians for the job and that it is done right the first time. If you call us, you’re getting that and more. We here at Plumber in DC believe that our clients are our family. With that in mind, we make sure that we give our client’s family the best service we can. We are a plumbing company that has skilled technicians at the ready to help with any plumbing problem or emergency. We take pride in the fact that our technicians go through continuous training to ensure that they know the best and most innovative practices to solve plumbing issues. Call us at (202) 810-0624 to have us come out and provide you with honest and ethical plumbing services.


Leak Service


Leaks are the most common plumbing problem that can occur. There are so many areas in which this can happen that sometimes they can go undetected. Having us come in for a routine maintenance check could help save you from expensive damage and repairs bills t occurring later down the road. Leaks are no problem for the master plumbers of Plumber in DC. If you notice a leak problem in your plumbing, make no hesitation to call us. We will have you problem resolved in no time.


Clog Service


Clogs and backups can happen at all levels of your plumbing. Before you try using a drain cleaner solution from the store , give us a call. Sometimes the chemicals found in those solutions can be bad for you and your pipes. We have the tools necessary to find and fix the clog, no matter what level of the plumbing it may be occurring in. Clogs can become a big problem if not handled correctly from the start, so call on us and our experienced professionals can take care of it.


Sewer and Drain Service


Sewage is something that every homeowner wants to not see. Keeping the sewage moving safely and unobtrusively through pipes and drains that flow smoothly is an area we excel in. Plumber in DC is ready to handle any problems that may arise with your sewage and drainage systems. You are only one call away from a professional sewer services technician coming out and restoring the sewers and drains in your home or business to full operation.


Water Heater Service


The water heater is an important utility in the home. Our technicians here at Plumber in DC are fully trained, licensed, and prepared to handle any problems that may happen with your water heater. We also employ master gas fitters that have gone through extensive training programs, completed many hours of work, and taken the test granting them the title of master gas fitter. They know the best way to handle water heater problems ,as well as other services. At Plumber in DC we understand that water heater issues can be an inconvenience to the whole household or business. If you are experiencing water heater problems, Plumber in DC is the right call to make for a speedy repair done right.

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