The list of plumbing services we offer is extensive, as is the skills and experience of our master plumbers.  From leaks and clogs, to replacements and installations, we do it all.  Whether it is a new toilet, or a water conditioning or filtration system you need, let us take care of it safely and efficiently.

Sewer And Drain Services


We understand how these two things, sewers and drains, can cause the most problems when not working correctly.  We are very skilled at dealing with both, and are able to perform the work needed according to code.  Don’t waste time with other companies, call us today and we will get things running smoothly again.


Water Heater Services


Plumber in DC has the master gas fitters available to handle any water heater issues you may have. They are capable of repairing or replacing any unit and will have it installed and ready to go efficiently and skillfully. A broken water heat is an inconvenience that we believe no person or business should have to endure for extended amounts of time. If you’re having troubles with your water heater, make sure that Plumber in DC is your first call. We have the experience necessary to handle your water heater issues correctly the first time, saving you time and money.


DC Remodeling Services


If you are thinking of adding new plumbing fixtures in the bathroom or kitchen, Plumber in DC is ready to help you out. We have the experience and know-how to help you chose the right fixtures and install them so that you can get enjoying your new kitchen or bath with as little down time as possible. We also do appliance upgrades and installations. Calling Plumber in DC for any of your remodeling and renovation needs will be the best thing, for you, your family, and your wallet.


Emergency Plumbing Services


Our Plumber in DC masterful technicians provide emergency plumbing services.   When you have a flood, burst pipe, sewage backup, or any other pressing matter that needs to be handled quickly, calling Plumber in DC is a good way to start dealing with your problem. We will come out as quickly as possible and get the problem handled efficiently. Don’t let your next plumbing emergency give you grief, call us as soon as possible and have one of our master plumbers take care of the situation.


Commercial and Corporate Services


Here at Plumber in DC we completely understand how a plumbing problem can set a business back in time and money. Calling us is a good way to prevent any further loss on either of these. Plumber in DC is prepared to handle any plumbing problem that may occur in your business. Our master plumbers are not only trained in the many plumbing techniques necessary to fix your problem, but they also have customer service training and are professionals who act the part. If you want professional service to help get your business back and running, call Plumber in DC.