Pipe Thawing Services

We have expanded our services’ catalog with a very essential plumbing solution; pipe thawing services. The winter season causes all kinds of problems to the plumbing system. One of the most common and critical plumbing issues during the cold season is frozen pipes. Our company has assembled a fully qualified team of plumbing technicians and armed them with the latest pipe thawing equipment to help all our residential and commercial clients survive the cold season by quickly dealing with any frozen pipes.


Frozen Pipes — Description & Caution


During extreme cold weather, exposed pipes can easily freeze. Pipe freezing can occur in any water, drainage, or septic line that is exposed to the cold chill. Basically, the water inside the pipes turns into solid ice after the temperatures dip past the freezing point. This blocks water flow in the pipes and cuts off water access in your household. In case of drainage and septic lines, the frozen water blocks waste flow and results in drainage backup. As the frozen ice builds up inside the pipe, pressure from incoming water can cause the pipe to burst leading to massive property damages and drainage hazards. The only recommendable solution for pipe freezing issues is to call a professional plumber.


We caution all our clients against all unprofessional pipe thawing practices. Some people try to thaw their frozen pipes using hair dryers, heat lamps, or electric heater. This is not safe because you can suffer an electric shock or even electrocution if the frozen pipe is leaking. Step back and let our professionals fix the problem for you without exposing yourself to any risk.


Our Pipe Thawing Services


Plumber In DC is one of the few plumbing companies offering pipe thawing services in the Washington DC area. We have expanded to better provide solutions for the needs of our commercial clients & residential customers, especially in emergency situations like pipes freezing. We have a team of expert technicians equipped with the right equipment for the job.


Our Equipment


Our team of plumbing technicians uses the latest pipe thawing equipment. We have acquired several General Wire HS-320 Hot-shot Pipe Thawer (320 Amp) machines for this service. These machines are powerful enough to clear 1-1/2″ diameter lines up to 175 feet long with 400 amps of power. And they come with safety features like thermal overload protection and circuit breakers.


Why Us


Plumber In DC is where integrity and service meet. For the last six years, we are Washington DC’s Top Rated Plumbing Company. Our services are high quality and yet affordable and so far we have received over 900 Five Star Reviews. Our plumbing technicians are licensed master plumbers and licensed master gas fitters and they offer 24/7 emergency services at no extra charge.


Other Services


Plumber In DC offers quality customer care, both in interaction and service. We cater for both residential and commercial clients in the Washington DC area. We repair, install, and maintain water pipes, sump & well pumps, sewers, sinks, faucets, toilets, showers, bathrooms, water heaters, gas pipes, and clogged drains among many others. We also offer specialized services like underground camera inspection, home renovation & remodeling, and backflow testing.


Call our toll free number any time of the day and let our trained professionals thaw all your frozen pipes this winter. And do not hesitate to request for our help in case of any other type of plumbing problem in your home or workplace. We are waiting for your call.