Best wedding venue in Washington DC

Getting married is a big deal in Washington DC. Your wedding day is considered to be one of the most special days in your life, and it has to be perfect. Every bride has a different experience, and most of them are happy with the wedding they have, and I am not an exception to that.

My husband and I wanted to have a memorable wedding which meant we had to look for the perfect venue. We went to different places looking for the perfect place to have our wedding. We were on the verge of losing hope when we visited the Meridian House in Washington DC. Right from the first tour, I knew that that was our wedding venue.

The first thing we saw was the inscription on the limestone façade that read “Quo habitat felicitas nil entret mali” that translates into “where happiness lives, evil will not enter.” It was the perfect wedding theme since a wedding is supposed to be a joyful event. When we went inside, we saw a winding red carpet staircase that looked elegant.

The interior of the house has a traditional design since the house is old. The house is a historic site in Washington DC and was well preserved. The historic place gave us a charming romantic vibe that we could not resist. It was simple yet sophisticated.

We wanted an outdoor wedding that was intimate since our guest list was about 150 people. What attracted me to The Meridian House was the design of the house. It has a great interior and exterior design making it perfect for a wedding. The place has a well-manicured garden and grounds that we found perfect for our photo session.

We did not have to put many decorations as the place is beautiful by itself. We did not hear cars on 16th Street as the grounds are walled off from the rest of the world to give a serene atmosphere. Once we went through the back entrance of the foyer, we saw beautiful linden trees that envelopes the place. We saw this as the perfect spot for wine and appetizers right before the reception.

The trees on the grounds are well manicured, and we were told that we could have hanging lights. This was great since, after the reception, there would be an after party and people would still get to walk around the gardens.

When it came to the reception, we opted to have dinner in the study and library. The dancing portion of the wedding and after party took place in the ballroom.

The communication of the managers of the place was prompt, and we were not overcharged as we thought. We had a great wedding and continued our honeymoon still in Washington DC. Visit for more about DC and local service providers.

When it comes to wedding venues, I would recommend The Meridian House in Washington DC to anyone. Now the only thing I am looking forward to other than attending other people’s weddings at the place is celebrating our anniversary. What more did you expect me to say? I am a romantic and proud of it.