The Most Common Water Heater Problem And How To Solve It

There are many different issues that can stem from having a water heater. It’s too small or doesn’t create enough hot water. Perhaps your family uses it frequently, or maybe it’s old and needs to be replaced. Water heaters have a limited lifespan, just as any appliance does. However, there is one problem that affects them, and creates problems for families of all sizes: hard water. Read on to learn about the connection between hard water, how it affects your heater, and what you can do to prevent further issues from occurring.


Hard Water Causes Problems With the Element In Your Heater




As any DC water heater plumber will tell you, hard water creates problems with the elements inside the heater. The water can cause buildup, making it difficult for the elements to do their job of heating the water tank properly. Throughout all this, the water heater is constantly trying to engage. This causes your heating bill to run up, creating further problems. You don’t have enough hot water to do everything you need to do, and now you’re experiencing problems with your water and electric bill, as the element in the hot water heater works overtime.


You Don’t Have Enough Hot Water


Because the element is working to create hot water, but can’t engage correctly, the hot water heater can’t fill up all the way. This means halfway through your bath or shower, you start to get cold water. Your dishwasher isn’t cleaning the dishes properly, because it runs out of hot water before it is done. You may even resort to boiling water to clean your dishes or wash your hands, to kill germs. This might sound like a suitable workaround for a little while, but it gets old.


Have A Water Softener Put In


If you experience problems with hard water because you have a well, or simply because of the area you live in, it’s time to let a DC plumber help you. Ask them about having a water softener put in, and see how easy it is to have water that is cleaner. It won’t dull up your dishes, or cause problems with your hot water heater. Although you may still run into issues from time to time, using the water softener as a preventative measure is the best thing you can do to prevent further problems.

If you are looking for ways to solve problems with your hot water heater, consider what sorts of issues you run into. Hard water is one of the main causes of water heater problems. It can ruin elements, preventing them from fully heating up the water, as they become caked up over time. This runs up your electric bill, as your heater works overtime to make hot water. You’ll find difficulty in washing dishes and doing other tasks to stay clean. A water softener can prevent many of these problems. Even if it sounds intimidating to put one in, a plumber can assist you, making sure its done right the first time.


Three Different Types Of Plumbers You Should Be Aware Of

Plumbing is something everyone needs, regardless of where they live. Many people don’t understand the variety of plumbers they can choose from. From a residential plumber to a gas plumber, there is no shortage of different plumbers to choose from. Here are the most common ones folks call on when they’re having issues and need their plumbing fixed right away.


Commercial Plumbers




These are the folks you call when you have a problem with your office plumbing, or need help with plumbing problems in a large setting, such as a mall. Commercial plumbers are skilled and equipped to handle extreme situations that come along with commercial plumbing. They know that bathrooms at restaurants, gyms, and others business is used more, and thus takes a greater toll on the plumbing. Based on their skill and expertise, they are able to fix the plumbing quickly, allowing a business to go back to running normally in a short amount of time. It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, if you need your kitchen or bathroom up and running normally in a short amount of time, let a skilled commercial plumber help you.


Residential Plumbers


These are the plumbers that everyone thinks of when they have problems related common household plumbing issues. If you need help with your tub, your toilet is leaking, or you have problems with your dishwasher, a residential plumber is the person to call. They are skilled at assessing damage to water heaters, and can even make suggestions about which type is best for your house, based on your needs. If you’re having certain problems that leave you unsure, speak with your plumber and see if they can help. Some plumbers specialize in certain areas related to residential plumbing.


Gas Plumbers


Many people think of plumbers as folks who know about everything related to water and piping. There is a third type of plumber thought of less commonly, but just as important, known as gas plumbers. These folks specialize in natural gas lines, often associated with your stove and even heating. A gas plumber in DC must be educated and licensed in their trade. Many take continuing education, so they can keep on top of changes made in their profession.  If you experience problems related to your gas line, a plumber skilled in this trade can help you.

There are various types of plumbers, with the three main ones being residential, commercial, and gas line plumbers. If you have problems with plumbing in your home or business, it helps to know where to turn to and who you can call. Commercial plumbers are skilled in handling plumbing that is frequently used as it would be in a commercial setting. Residential plumbing can include a wide variety of issues, from replacing a hot tub to leaking toilets. Gas plumbers can solve problems related to natural gas lines. No matter what your needs are, there is a plumber to help you solve the issue.

How To Save Money When Washing Dishes

Washing dishes is a necessity-although many of us wish it wasn’t. Many people don’t enjoy seeing their sinks overflowing with dishes, but worry if they wash a few dishes at once, they’ll waste money on water. You can have a clean house and save money on your dishes at the same time. If you’re looking for ways to save money in the kitchen, here’s how a kitchen plumber in DC can help you make life easier while saving time and money.




Dishwashers Aren’t As Expensive As You Think


Many people shy away from dishwashers, because they think a lot of expenses will be incurred when they use them. A lot depends on how large your household is, how often you do dishes, and if you skip the pre-wash cycle on your dishwasher. Washing dishes in the dishwasher saves you money if you run about one load a day. You’re storing all the dishes in one place until the dishwasher is full, and then running it at the end of the day. Compare that to washing dishes after every meal, or soaking dishes two or three times a day, and you’ll see the benefits of washing with the dishwasher.


Skip The Pre-Wash Cycle And Air-Dry


Many people think he pre-wash cycle is necessary, but it isn’t. You can save money by rinsing your dishes before you load them in the dishwasher, and then running everything on a regular wash (unless it’s packed full, then run it on heavy). This way you aren’t using additional hot water and the dishes are already clean before they even start going through the wash cycle. Finally, if you’re looking to save money on drying, elect to use air dry instead of hot. The results are the same, but air dry means you spend less money.


The Dishwasher Doubles As Storage


Another benefit of having a dishwasher is the chance to put dirty dishes in there when not in use. Normally, if you wanted your house to have a spotless look, you would wash dishes after each meal. This requires you to use more water to stay clean. Having a dishwasher allows everything to stay out of sight, and keep it contained in one sanitary location. If you don’t have enough dishes one day, just run them the next. Doing so helps you save money and resources.

A clean kitchen is something everyone strives for, but that can be hard when you don’t have a dishwasher. A plumber in DC can help you get one installed. This gives you peace of mind, knowing everything has been put in properly, while keeping your kitchen spotless. You’ll save money by using less water, and keep dirty dishes out of sight. If you skip pre-washing and choose to air dry, you’ll save money. Having a dishwasher doesn’t have to cost extra money, and goes a long way in making your home look beautiful. Talk with a plumber about having one installed today, and see how it will benefit you and your family.


Why You Need Your Plumbing Evaluated When You Move

If you’ve moved to a new location, you want to make sure your plumbing is working properly. Most folks get excited about having a new home, and don’t think about the condition everything is in. If you’ve moved recently, it’s important to have a DC toilet plumber check everything out for you, to ensure it’s working in the best condition possible. Here are a few things you’ll want to have a professional plumber examine to make sure you’re off on the right foot in your new home.




Check For Leaks Everywhere


Leaks are never pleasant. It’s better to discover them sooner than later, though. Have a plumber go through your home and check the sinks, tubs, toilets, and other areas that use water, to see if there is a leak. Doing so allows you to find out about a problem and fix it right away. Although having small leaks is annoying, it’s better to find out and correct the problem, instead of letting it build up and become more of an issue. Early leak detection is always better.


Put In New Fixtures


When you move into an existing home, it’s normal to replace certain fixtures. Toilets, bathtubs, sinks and dishwasher-let’s face it, everything looks better with an upgrade. Although saving money sounds like an easy route to take when it comes to DIY, it’s better to have a professional plumber come in and help you upgrade your bathroom. This way, you will be able to rest easy, knowing everything has been installed properly. You won’t have issues that come with an incomplete installation, such as leaks or other similar issues. Best of all, you’ll be able to relax in a brand new bathtub, or feel confident that your toilet won’t crack and break because it’s old.


Look For Potential Problems


If your new house has been vacant for a long period of time, or has been through a natural disaster, it’s helpful to have someone go through and see if there are any issues. If there’s a problem, a plumber will fix it before you move in. If it’s determined that the problem is too big to fix, you can start working with the plumber to find possible alternatives. No matter what the issue is, a professional can check out the situation for you, and advise you of the best alternatives to take for safe plumbing with no side-effects.

When moving to a new home, it’s important that your plumbing works correctly. Make sure you don’t have anything to worry about, by having a qualified plumber come out and evaluate your kitchen and bathrooms. They will let you know if there are leaks present, or problems related to weather or even the age of the house. If you’re looking to make improvements in your home, having new toilets, tubs, or other items put in require the help of a skilled plumber. Doing so keeps your rooms in good condition and prevents further issues from occurring.


What To Look For When Choosing A Qualified Plumber

It can be difficult to know what to look for when trying to choose a plumber who is qualified and knows their stuff. Many people think they should just go based on cost alone, and look for someone who will get the job done quickly and cheaply. While saving money is always good, it helps to know that the plumber is experienced in the type of work they are doing, and can spot potential problems that might affect the individuals later on down the line. Here are a few things everyone should look for when trying to choose a kitchen plumber to help them.


How Many Years The Plumber Has Been Doing This

drain service DC



You will want to check out how much experience your plumber has. For some instances, this might not be a big deal. However, when it comes to a DC kitchen plumber who is installing piping and getting a kitchen ready for a gas stove, many people will want someone who knows their stuff. Someone who is knowledgeable in what they are doing, and has the training and experience to back it up is always preferred. You can feel confident they are less likely to make a mistake, and if an inspection has to take place, your installation is more likely to pass it.


What The Plumber Is Experienced In


Some plumbers may have more experience than others when it comes to certain types of installations. If you are seeking a plumber for basic jobs, such as installing water heaters, you may want that to be their primary focus. However, if you need more intricate work done or work that is considered to be highly specialized, you are better off going with a plumber who has been trained in that.

How Much Work Your Home Needs


If you are remodeling your entire home, or you just brought a new house, and there are several rooms that require work in the plumbing department, you might want to consider hiring a plumbing company, with a staff of plumbers on hand. Consider your home, your needs, and how much is required in order to have everything up and working by a certain deadline.

A plumber who knows what they are doing can help you get your home into shape and solve any plumbing issues. Make sure that you pick a plumber that is right for your needs, and don’t go based off of price alone. Any time you need assistance, consider what type of experience the plumber has, how much work has to be done, and what the individual is most skilled in doing, before you try to make any kind of selection.

How A Plumber Can Help With Your Water Heater

Getting a new water heater is no joke. If you are having are put in due to problems, or feel that an upgrade is what your family needs in order to get the quality of water output they desire, then you will want to contact a DC water heater plumber, so you can ensure everything is on track correctly the first time. With a plumber’s help, you will have a professional installation that is up to code, and will keep you supplied with hot water for a long time to come.




Plumbers Can Ensure Everything Is Installed Up To Code


Some people might not be aware, but when water heaters are installed, they often have to pass inspection. An inspector will come out and review that the water heater was put in correctly. Having repeat visits can sometimes get costly if it was not installed correctly. Of course, this is something all homeowners would like to avoid if possible, and who can blame them? Having a professional who is skilled and has installed water heaters many times before will give customers confidence not only in the plumber, but in their workmanship as well.


Plumbers Can Assist In An Upgrade


If you had a smaller water heater and want to change it out for something that is larger, and will hold more water for a larger family, a skilled DC water heater plumber can assist you with making the change, and make sure everything is working properly and the water tank is heating up. Likewise, if you would rather have instant hot water and a smaller heater, they can help in that department as well. Plumbers who are aware of their customers, the problems they have been having, and the changes they are trying to make, can help them make the best choices for their home and needs.


Plumbers Can Point Out Potential Problems


Problems can creep up on anyone when it comes to water heaters and plumbing. If we don’t know what to look for, then we aren’t aware there is an issue. With a skilled plumber, they can often tell if they are conditions with the water that the customer might not be aware of, such as hard water, and assist them in upgrading to a new water softener, or let them know how this will affect the lifespan of their hot water heater. Either way, they can be very useful in helping customers stay aware of potential problems, or ones that are slowly developing.

No matter what kind of needs you have when it comes to water heaters, a skilled plumber will go a long way in working with you to keep your home running smoothly. They can assist you with putting in a larger heater, or changing it out to one that provides instant hot water. They will also be able to help you get your heater installed properly the first time, and pass inspection. Finally, if there are issues such as hard water, they can point this out before it becomes a problem.


Three Appliances You Need A Plumber’s Help With

If you are upgrading your kitchen, and getting ready to make improvements by way of putting appliances in, you might be ready to seek out help. This is the case where a gas plumber can be very beneficial, since they will have experience installing appliances, and can help you make the most of your kitchen. Even if you are unsure about your new appliances, but know that they are necessary in order for your home to sell, or to make working in the kitchen simple again, you will want to have the help of a professional who knows what they are doing. Here are three appliances you should ask for their help with.


Dishwasher Installation


Having a dishwasher installed does not have to be difficult when you have someone with years of experience assist you. Your plumber can help you put your dishwasher in, and ensure that it is hooked up properly. They can even help you locate exactly where to put it, if you an unsure about proper placement, and what area would be most useful. If you have never had a dishwasher before, you will be pleasantly surprised at how useful it is to get your housework done in a short amount of time.


Putting In Gas Lines To Your Stove


plumber near me


Call a gas plumber in DC to help you if you are getting a new stove, and need to ensure it is ready to go. In cases such as this, they will help to get the gas lines ready, by installing the necessary piping and valves, and otherwise getting everything set up. That way, when the new stove is delivered, the individual who is putting in the actual stove can hook it up right away, and not have to wait around for lines to be run and set up.


Upgraded Refrigeration


If you have decided it is time to upgrade your refrigeration system, you may want to get a set up that is more elaborate than what you currently have. This could include a system that has expanded, or special, features that may need extra hooking up, such as water lines for water and ice machine. Although this may require a little extra work and forethought, it can be a welcome upgrade to any kitchen, and it is simple enough for any plumber to do. They will work with you to get the lines up and running so the system can be installed quickly, similar to the stove.

When you are upgrading your kitchen, you will find that a friendly and capable plumber can make getting everything set up easy. With their help, you can add appliances such as a dishwasher, or make useful upgrades in the form of an improved refrigerator, or a stove that has everything you need. If you are trying to put your house on the market, or just want to make working in your kitchen easier, a plumber will be a helpful asset to you.

The Importance Of Having Your Kitchen Plumbing Checked

If you are searching for a kitchen plumber, you might need your sink or dishwasher to be checked. Perhaps they are not draining properly, or your garbage disposal is acting up. In any case, it is best to enlist the services of a professional who can help you get everything back up and running like normal again. Having items in disrepair in your kitchen can throw off your whole routine; with the help of a good plumber, you can get it back up to speed in no time. Here are a few reasons you will want to have it checked to avoid problems.


When The Kitchen Breaks Down, The Whole House Goes With It


If your kitchen sink or dishwasher starts giving you problems, this can start to affect the whole house. It can be difficult to get through your day when you cannot wash dishes, and don’t have a clue as to how you are going to cook dinner or get things ready for tomorrow, thanks to a broken sink. Instead, seek out the services of a kitchen plumber in DC. They can help you get back up on your feet, and prevent you from having to make do or go without a properly working kitchen.


Start Checking Before There Is A Problem


If you suspect there might be minor problems such as leaks and other issues, call a professional before things get out of hand. Even if there aren’t any issues going on currently, the professional can give you advice about where problems might develop, and help save you time and money by offering solutions to prevent those problems. Or, they can replace parts that have a lot of wear before problems start creeping up. Either way, it will save you a lot of hassle.


Checking Is Important Before Appliance Installation


If you are planning on having new appliances put in, it is always best to have a professional help you. This is especially useful if your home has never had a garbage disposal or dishwasher, and you aren’t sure how well they will work in a kitchen setting. Having a plumber come out and install a garbage disposal or dishwasher can make life a lot easier, and ensure that you are all ready to go. If there are adjustments that need to be made, the plumber can assist you, or let you know what the best course of action would be in getting your home ready for your next appliance.

Having a kitchen plumber come out to your home is always a good idea when you are having problems or unsure about something. They can help you get new appliances installed, and review potential problems that you feel are concerning. Finally, if you are experiencing issues where your kitchen is no longer functioning properly, they can help you get back on the right track, and keep everything safe and secure so your kitchen can work normally with no further problems.

How To Keep Drains Clean

Anyone who takes baths or showers on a regular basis knows that keeping the drains clean can be difficult. Drains get used often, and clogged with hair, soap, and other things that can caused them to become backed up. In this case, you might need to find a plumber offering drain services, in order to ensure that your drain is working properly and not suffering any ill effects from not being cleaned out often. Thankfully, it is easier than it sounds, and doesn’t have to cost a lot. Here are three popular ways to stay on top of drain maintenance.

DC Plumber kitchen drain

Use Drain Cleaners For Maintenance


You should consult with a professional before you start using drain cleaners in order to ensure that the drain is free from hair and other build up. If you use them too often, they can start to clog pipes, which can become a real issue, and not one that you will want to deal with in the long run. It can be very costly to repair pipes that have been eaten away by drain cleaners, because they were poured down too much. If you use them as often as is prescribed based on your home’s needs, you should be able to take care of problems quickly and effectively, and not worry about the state of the pipes.


Use Hair Catchers


There are special hair catchers that you can put around the drain in your bathtub. These don’t cost much at all, and can save a lot of time and money, since they catch the hair, and allow it to build up in the catcher, without going down the drain. If you or the people you live with have long hair, this will go a long way in preventing problems, including saving and extending the life of your drain and pipes.


Have A Professional Review Them


Have a professional come out to review your pipes if you suspect there might be problems. Finding companies that offer drain services in DC is easy, and you can feel confident knowing that they are experienced in doing their job. A plumber will be able to take a look at your drains, and see if they just need a simple cleaning, or something more. In many cases, the plumber can use a snake tool that goes in and scrapes the drain, unclogging it of hair, buildup, and other things that naturally occur in tubs and sinks. This service is worth the price, and can even prevent larger problems from happening further down the line. No matter how often you need it, it is usually quick, and can save you a great deal of money.

When trying to take care of your drains, there are many things you can do. From making use of hair catchers, to various cleaners that can help de-clog your drain, you have options. Finally, having a plumber come out is always a good idea when you want to take care of and prevent problems.

How To Keep Your Water Heater In Good Repair

If you have a hot water heater, chances are you want to keep it working well for as long as possible, so you do not have to call a DC water heater repair plumber to come fix any issues. Many people want to save money, but they aren’t sure what the best ways are to keep their water heater working properly so they can avoid leaks and other problems that are present with water heaters. Keeping your water heater in good working order is easier than you might think. Here are a few ways to ensure you never have to worry about unexpected leaks ever again.


Determine If You Have Hard Water


It is crucial to find out if you have hard water. Hard water can be detrimental to water heaters, and may shorten the life of the heating element, or other parts that are present inside the hot water heater tank. You can avoid having to deal with leaks or other problems related to your water heater when you choose to have the hard water treated, with the help of a water softener. This will ensure that there is less calcium buildup, which can have negative effects on the parts within the heater, making it last for shorter periods of time.


Turn Your Hot Water Heater Off When You Leave


If you are leaving your house to go on vacation, or you will be away for extended periods of time, one of the best things you can do is to turn the hot water heater off or at least down, and leave it that way until you return. A DC water heater repair person will tell you that this is money saving in preventing issues, especially if you live someplace that tends to get cold, and you are worried about problems occurring while you are aware. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and turn off your hot water heater if you won’t be using it.


If You Suspect A Problem, Call A Professional


Many folks won’t call a professional, for fear of what the price might be, or thinking that they can easily fix the problem on their own. The truth is, a professional who is skilled in water heater repair will know what to look for, and be able to advise individuals about the best course of action to take if there is a problem with their water heater. It is better to catch problems early on while they are small and fix them, rather than deal with them later on.

There are many things you can do to keep your water heater in good, working order, and extend its lifespan. You can find out if you have hard water, and take the necessary steps to make it soft, so you don’t deal with build up inside the water heater. If you are leaving for long periods of time, shut off the heater to avoid problems. Finally, call a professional if you ever suspect a problem, so it can be dealt with right away.