How to stay healthy in Washington DC

Walking around Washington DC, I was amazed at the number of people who are in poor health. I am a doctor, and every day, I meet people who have ailments that can be prevented if they cared more about themselves. The number of people suffering from weight problems is increasing, and this comes with its list of ailments.

There are several contributors to poor health. To prevent this, I have come up with a list of things you can do to promote good health.

  1. Mind your diet

One major health concern in this country is the high number of obese people. Over two-thirds of people in the country are overweight, and half of them are obese. Washington DC has the same problem as more people are obese and overweight including adolescents and children.

One of the contributors to this is a poor diet. People are turning to fast food as it is available and does not require a lot of preparation. Once you combine this with a sedentary lifestyle, you get an overweight person with a long list of ailments.

However, to counter this, you need to have a diet that contains lots of fruits and vegetables and adequate amounts of proteins and carbs. Also, avoid skipping breakfast as it makes your body want to eat more and store calories.

  1. Be active

Watching your diet is useless if you live a sedentary life since your body will be storing the little you take. You need to start being more active. Most of my patients complain of shortness of breath after walking short distances. This is because their bodies are not used to physical activity.

You need to change this. There are many places where you can walk and even run in Washington DC. Before you start running like a maniac, first see your doctor who will recommend an exercise regimen for you. Then you can build up slowly.

  1. Get enough sleep

Working and living in Washington DC can be overwhelming especially if you have little time to rest. However, you need to let your body rest. Your muscles are worn after exercising, and they need to recover. The only way your body can do this is when you are asleep. Getting enough sleep has a lot of advantages. It boosts your immune system and gives your mind a recharge.

You should sleep for about 7 to 8 hours a night. So, avoid all those late nights watching TV and doing other things and get to bed on time. You will even have a better mood if you have enough sleep.  Try to eliminate extra stress and worry; have local services such as plumbing companies and lawn maintenance numbers on hand to call when necessary.  Visit for more information.

Eventually, all I can say is that people need to take better care of themselves or they will keep visiting the doctor for different ailments. I give this advice to all my patients. Those who follow it come back to thank me since they have few complaints. Those who do not take my advice keep coming back.

Living in Washington DC does not mean that you compromise on your health. Following these tips will make you lead a comfortable life free from lifestyle related diseases.