3 Green Ideas For An Eco-Friendly Home Plumbing System

The first step towards sustainable living is the creation of an eco-friendly plumbing system in your own home. Such a system ensures minimal loss of energy or power by implementing various energy saving solutions. It also translates into responsible water usage by curbing all water wastage practices. You can even go a step further and create a sustainable home water system by installing a home water recycling or purification system. By combining all these green strategies and implementing them in your home, you will be playing a very significant role in environmental conservation and honoring our home planet in the process. Consider the following easy-to-implement green ideas and try to adopt as many as you can.


Energy Conservation


Energy consumption at Home produces one of the highest utility bills at the domestic level. The plumbing system constitutes a significant share of energy expenses in a typical residential electrical system. We use all kinds of electrically powered appliances and installations in our plumbing systems. One of the most notorious energy consumers in a home plumbing system is the water heater system. In order to minimize energy loss in your home water heating system, you should start by installing an efficient model. Although I will not go into detail about the various types of water heaters here due to space limitations, I have to mention that solar models are often the most efficient water heaters as compared to all the rest. An efficient water heating system saves both water and electrical energy. You can even take the whole energy conservation thing a notch higher by insulating the heater and all its pipes to reduce heat loss during and after heating. You should also install energy efficient appliances like dishwashers and laundry machines. If you would like some professional opinions regarding these hacks, you can always reach out to any qualified residential and commercial DC gas plumber who specializes in water heaters.


Water Conservation


Water is the essence of life. This means that we should be extra careful about water wastage, especially nowadays, when there is a looming global warming catastrophe that threatens to dry all our natural water sources. As a responsible homeowner and business owner, you should embrace eco-friendly residential and commercial plumbing innovations and water saving tactics. Start by replacing all your water appliances and fixtures with low-flow eco-friendly models, which are certified and approved as water-efficient by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You should also install low-flush toilets and then reduce the flow rate of your faucets using flow reducers. Low-flow faucets and showers will minimize the amount of water lost in splashes and sprays. And last but not least, inspect and repair leaking pipes immediately and keep water taps off when not in use.




Install A Home Water Recycling System


This is one of the most innovative and effective green ideas for creating an eco-friendly plumbing system. It involves the installation of an efficient water purification system to create purified home drinking water from your waste water. Modern technological advancements have led to the creation of innovative water recycling solutions like the reverse osmosis water purification system, which purifies waste water to create a sustainable plumbing system. And to ensure that your home is as healthy as the environment you are trying to protect, you should install activated carbon filters on your taps and showerheads to absorb all water pollutants before consumption.


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