Helpful Hints And Tips To Keep Your Drains Clog Free

No one likes to deal with a clogged drain in their kitchen or bathroom. If you do not keep an eye on your drains, a bigger problem could come out of a small clogged drain. That is why professional plumbers like to give tips on how to keep your drains clog free. In the long run, the better you take care of the drains in your home, the easier and cheaper your plumbing repairs will be.


It Starts With The Disposal


Many people think that by having a garbage disposal, they will have less of a chance of having clogs in their drains. This isn’t necessarily the truth. A plumber in DC has had many clients who think it is a good idea to pour oil and grease down their disposals when it is still hot. This is a horrible idea! The oil and grease does not get disposed of down the drain. What happens is that it will dry on the blades of the disposal and eventually this can damage the entire disposal and clog the drain. There are ways to prevent having a clogged drain when you have a garbage disposal. Many plumbers suggest washing the disposal out with very cold water at least once a day. This will keep the food particles and oils from drying up and sticking onto the blades of the disposal. There are also disposal cleaning products that you can buy to help keep the disposal clean and in great running order.


Flushing Too Much Away


A lot of people truly do not pay attention to the items that they flush down the toilet on a daily basis. The items that we flush can actually end up causing a very clogged toilet. Items like wipes, napkins, and feminine products should not be flushed. If you can put these items in the garbage, go ahead and do so. These items will only end up clogging your toilet and septic system and cost more for repairs. Just keep in mind that these items don’t really biodegrade ,either. Only toilet paper and your bodily waste should be flushed down the toilet.


Using Strainers On Your Drains


Many homeowners like to use strainers that go on top of the shower and kitchen drains. These come in handy when everyone in the house has a lot of hair. These strainers go on top of the drain and will collect the hair while you are showering. Extra hair ends up clogging your drains, so these strainers are a great investment. You can also get strainers for the kitchen sink and they will catch the extra food particles that can also end up clogging your kitchen sink.


By following all of these helpful tips, you can be sure that your drains will remain clean and unclogged. Be sure to think about what you are putting down the disposal or down the toilet so you can save yourself from spending extra money on repairs.


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