Hints From Professionals On Lowering Water And Energy Costs

Many homeowners want to save the most money they can on their heating, water, and electricity. There are actually quite a few ways to do this and some professional plumbers have given their tips for doing so. If you follow all of these hints, soon you will be able to save much more money on your monthly bills and you will also be doing your part to make the environment much healthier.


Going Out Of Town Tips


When you and your family decide to go out of town, there are many plumbing tips that you should follow. A plumbing company in DC has given some helpful tips for you to try. These tips will keep your pipes from freezing while you are gone or any other types of plumbing disasters. When you do leave for an extended amount of time, it is important to make sure your faucets are all turned off. Many plumbers even suggest that if you are leaving in the summer for a long period of time to shut the water valve completely off for the entire house. Unless you have someone house-sitting, why waste the money on a water bill when you’re not home? This will keep the water from running and you won’t be wasting money or water while you’re gone.


If you are going on a trip in the winter time, it is very important that you leave a few of the faucets in your home on just enough to drip. This will keep your pipes from bursting while you are away. There is nothing worse than going on a winter vacation and coming home to your home flooded because of the pipes bursting. You should always be aware of any weather changes even if you are at home. If the winter months come in rather quickly, be sure to keep your taps dripping in order to keep the pipes safe.


Showering And Leaks In The Bathroom


A lot of professional plumbers like to give advice on taking shorter showers. When you take longer showers, you are only using more valuable water and adding onto your water bill. It is a proven fact that a longer shower doesn’t get your body cleaner than a short one. Try to cut your shower time in half. This may also save you some time in the morning when you are getting ready to go to work. You can always replace your showerhead, too. When you buy a water saving one, you will notice the difference almost instantly.


Finally, make sure that you are checking your bathroom for leaks. Check under the sink, around the edges of your tub, and your toilet. If you are unsure of how to tell if your toilet has a leak, you can look on the back side of it. At the bottom, if you see water or ripples forming, you have a leak. It is important to have a plumber look at it as soon as possible in order to prevent major damage. When you follow this helpful hints, you can be sure to better protect your plumbing, save money, and save energy. 

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