How To Handle Housing Mishaps In The D.C. Area

Things sometimes go wrong in homes–that is a fact of life. Unlike an apartment, where a landlord or maintenance person can (usually) come by at a moment’s notice to fix any problem that might arise, when something goes wrong at your house, you the homeowner are on the hook. This might seem like a huge inconvenience at first, but with enough experience, you will be able to fix any problem your D.C. home might throw at you. And if you lack the tools or skillset to fix your housing mishaps, you will know the right people to call. There are many service providers here in Washington, D.C. who will be able to take care of whatever housing mishaps you might be faced with, whether the problem is in the electrical wiring, plumbing, roofing, or windows. Read below to learn about some problems that might arise in these areas, and the steps you can take to fix them.


Electrical Problems


This is one area where you should not try to handle any repairs yourself, unless you happen to be a master electrician. Luckily, there are many great electricians here in the D.C area who you can call at a moment’s notice. If you are in a house long enough, you might find that you have problems with the wiring in your home. This can happen for a variety of reasons: wear and tear, storm damage, or mice chewing at your wires (in this case, you might want to call an exterminator as well as an electrician!), just to name a few. Whatever the reason might be, a good D.C. area electrician will have everything back up and running in no time!


Plumbing Problems


local plumber


Unfortunately, there are many plumbing problems that can arise in your D.C. area home. One of the most common problems is the dreaded clogged drain. A clogged drain can make life quite miserable for you and your family. Fortunately, there are many plumbers who provide drain services in D.C.—and some who will come out at any hour! Try calling one if your drains are so clogged that household chemicals will not do the trick. You might also be faced with leaking pipes, either because your pipes are very old and need updated, or they were damaged in some way. Whatever the cause may be, a good D.C. plumber will be able to take care of this problem as well, and the sooner the better!


Window Repair


Windows break. Whether that broken window is the result of a storm, a “stress crack” caused by extreme changes in temperature, or an errant baseball, you should get your broken window repaired or replaced as soon as possible. If the damage is to a single pane of glass, no need to get the whole window replaced: there are many glass companies here in D.C. that can replace a single pane of glass, often for less than $100. If the window damage is extensive, however, you may need to replace the whole window. Doing so can be costly, but is highly recommended, for your comfort and safety!


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