Three Essential Plumbing Tips

Educating yourself as much as possible about the plumbing in your home can make a crucial impact on how often annoying and expensive problems arise.  When you are more aware of the processes happening in your home each day, you can better predict and react when an issue may come up with your plumbing/pipes.  Sometimes you might stumble across small minor issues that you don’t want to pay a professional to come out and fix every time.  If so, you will need to have some basic knowledge of what may be causing the problem and how you properly fix it before it develops into a more series issue.  Fortunately, there are three excellent tips to always remember when dealing with a plumbing repair issue in your home.


How To Locate Non Visible Pipes


Sometimes you may experience a problem with one of your pipes however, things may be more difficult if you cannot see the pipe and what may be wrong with it.  Instead of breaking through floors and demolishing areas of your home to locate the problem area, try using a high strength magnet to locate hidden pipes.  For pipes under the floor, attach a rare earth magnet to a fishing line and feed it down through a drain to see where the pipe leads underneath.  You can then track the magnet down through the floor using an ordinary compass which will turn accurately with the magnet’s placement.  This is a much quicker, easier, and less expensive way than tearing up floors throughout your home in search of pipes.


The Power Of The Picture        


Whether you are rebuilding the walls and structure of your home, or in the process of building your new home from scratch, one important tip to always remember is to take a picture.  More specifically, take a number of high-quality photos with good visibility and lighting of all major plumbing and electrical fixtures throughout your home before they get covered up with walls and floors.  Once you have several good pictures of what kinds of important features there are and where they are located, be sure make note of them in writing or digital storage as well.  It would be very disappointing to find out a few years down the road when you want to remodel the kitchen and can’t remember where major pipes and wires are.  Breaking through walls with pipes can result in extremely costly repairs, as well as more time and hassle to complete the project with a new problem to deal with.  Always take pictures so you can document and reference down the road where crucial plumbing and electrical elements are located in your home.

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How To Use The Toilet During Plumbing Projects 


During the time of changing or fixing pipes and anything involving plumbing in a home, you will most likely have the water shut off which means you can’t flush the toilet.  The good news is a very simple and easy way to still use and flush the toilet whenever necessary does indeed exist.  If you have a two-gallon bucket of water and dump it in the bowl before you flush the toilet, it will work properly each time you repeat this process.  For any other concerns or questions, contact an expert that offers DC commercial sewer repair services.

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