When Small Fixes Don’t Solve Big Problems

The plumbing in a home is one of the most complicated systems and can be the biggest headache to deal with. Every home owner dreads the day an issue arises. Luckily, there’s a DC plumber to help put your worries at ease. The Plumber In DC team will come in, give you an estimate, and start to work to fix the problem. Having our master plumbers come in and evaluate the situation will help you save time, money, and a possible headache. We offer services all around the DC area and guarantee that we will fix your problem in a quick and professional manner.


Plumbing quick fixes are great ways to hold over the little problems like small leaks, running faucets, and replacing small parts. Often, these small problems can be connected to a larger one and should be checked out by a professional. Trust Plumber In DC to come in and give our professional opinion. Having us come in to look at the problem could save you from possible plumbing disasters down the line. Quick fixes do hold up well sometimes and can make a situation looked handled, but with a system as complicated as plumbing, it’s best to let master technicians properly access the situation.

Slow Drain?


Is your sink or bathtub draining too slowly? Normally these are caused by clogged pipes. If you have already attempted to solve the issue by cleaning the pipes and it’s still draining slowly, there is a bigger problem here. Ignoring this problem could prove costly in the end. This is a common occurrence and our master technicians are ready to help you with this problem.


Hard Water or Mineral Build-Up?


Calcification could also cause a drain problem. If you see your faucets have the traits of calcification, call Plumber In DC and have our trusted technician run a camera through your pipes to see how severe it is. We can take care of the problem and have your faucets and pipes de-calcified in no time.



Water leaks can cause damage to any homeowners interior and exterior alike. If you ever notice a random puddle in your yard, basement, or any other surface connected to your pipe system it is important that you call a plumbing service so that a technician can come out and properly evaluate the situation. Plumber In DC has trusted technicians that won’t try to hassle you for work that doesn’t need to be done. Letting the problem linger on for too long could cause your lawn to be damaged or contaminated. It could also cause interior problems if the water gets into the wall or anything else that could allow the growth of mold. Remember, it is cheaper to pay for the cost of a repair in the crack of a pipe than repairing a whole system. Calling Plumber In DC for your water leak problems initially, when the problem begins, can save on your expenses in the long run.


When dealing with the most intricate and vital system in your home, call Plumber In DC at 1-900-567-8738. Trusting us with the repair of your vital plumbing system can help ease the stress of any homeowner. We will utilize our expert team to help you through the process of your plumbing repair needs. Our plumbing services cover any problem that may arise, and we will always respond promptly and complete the job efficiently.   

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