Why Plumbing Is Important

You may not give the plumbing system in your home or business much thought. Even though some of us may take indoor plumbing for granted, it’s still a luxury in many places. But why is plumbing so important? Proper plumbing can prevent the spread of illness and diseases such as cholera and dysentery. These diseases are spread through contaminated water, and some parts of the world like Zaire in Africa were still grappling with them as recently as 1994.


Plumbing becomes even more important in cities where the population is large. For example, in Chicago, during the early nineteenth century, the population grew so much that too much waste flowed directly into Lake Michigan. Plumbing advances to prevent these waterborne diseases only came about in the late nineteenth century. Think about that next time you go for a swim at the beach.




Plumbing ensures that water is clean and safe for bathing. Plumbing is essential for the health and well-being of your family. It’s a modern convenience that we often take for granted without meaning to. But without it we’d be living in a very different world.


Innovation and Sustainability


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that The United States could save three trillion gallons of water and up to seven billion dollars per year just by switching to eco-friendly plumbing products like low-flow toilets and aerated showerheads. Using water more efficiently reduces energy costs for homes and businesses. And it also makes the world greener and preserves water, which is a finite natural resource.


Plumbing as a Career


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Another reason that plumbing is essential is because it provides a viable career path for many people. There’s a constant need for skilled plumbing professionals to install plumbing equipment or make regular plumbing repairs in homes and businesses.


Regular Maintenance


The importance of regular plumbing maintenance for your home or business cannot be understated. Staying on top of plumbing maintenance tasks can prevent costly and inconvenient problems in the future.


Common Plumbing Problems That Require Regular Maintenance


Some areas in your home that require regular plumbing maintenance and inspections are toilets, tubs and showers, and pipes. Water heaters should be checked regularly as well.  Their pressure relief valves should be tested once a year, and sediment should be flushed out, also, to prevent build-up.


Plumbing Emergencies


It’s important to have a plumber that you can trust in mind for emergencies that may arise in your home or business.   They are inevitable, and having a number handy can make a stressful situation easier.


How to Find a Plumber in Your Area


Use the internet or your local phone book to find a plumber in your area. You can also ask your friends, family or neighbors for a recommendation if you’re in a bind. If you’re in the D.C. area for example, simply Google DC plumbing company to get you started in your search. Don’t take your plumbing for granted! You never really appreciate something until you have to go without it in an emergency situation. That’s why it’s so important to maintain the plumbing system in your home or business. Think about that the next time you take a hot shower or flush the toilet.


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