4 Crucial Factors For Choosing Durable And Stylish Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom countertops highlight the functional and aesthetic attributes of the entire bathroom. In addition to being tasteful and jaunty, modern-day countertops must also be hardy and enduring. In this light, you are advised to install countertops that can withstand abrasion by objects like hot curling irons and resist staining by substances like soap, grease, water, and cosmetics among others. This means that the appropriate material must maintain its freshly polished look for many years to come — by resisting disfigurement and discoloration. In addition to being durable, the countertop should also be affordable and easy to maintain. The following tips will assist you in choosing an elegant and long-lasting countertop during a bathroom remodel/renovation.


Materials Selection




The key to choosing trendy and robust bathroom countertops lies in the choice of surface materials. In addition to the functional attributes mentioned above, your budget and taste will play a huge role in determining the most suitable materials for your bathroom countertops. For instance, if you have an ample budget and wish to project an elegant and plushy outlook, your best choices are either granite or other natural stone materials like marble. On the other hand, if you have a tight budget but wish for a versatile and mildly tough surface, you can choose laminate finishes, composite marble or solid surface materials. You can also use sealed wood vanity tops to render a natural and genuinely appealing design style, or you could use ceramic tiles, which are economical and high maintenance, to create tasteful design patterns.


Decorative Edges


Bathroom countertops can be customized and embellished by applying decorative edge finishes on their surfaces. There are many types of decorative edges including bevel (angled), bullnose (rounded), square, and ogee(S-shaped) edges. The type of countertop surface material dictates the type of edges that should be applied to the installations in a given setting. In order to maintain a consistent and expressive design style, edges should be designed and applied to match or complement the theme of the moldings or the entire bathroom décor style. For instance, plain bathroom styles can be customized with clearly defined square edges, while classic themes can be enhanced with front edge details and heavy ogee edges to complement the moldings.


Vertical Height


Modern countertops are taller than ancient ones due to positive evolutionary changes in people in terms of height. Typically, the height of countertops has increased from 28 inches to between 32.5-34.5 inches in height. Taller vanity tops are comfortable, majestic and highly structured making them easy to use and maintain. Many plumbing companies offer useful advice regarding the size and layout of various bathroom installations and fixtures. You can consult any reliable plumbing company in your state. If you live in Washington, contact any reputable company that offers consultations with their DC bathroom remodeling services for advice on these matters.


Organization And Storage


Like kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops can lose their aesthetic appeal due to disorganization and clutter problems. In order to display the color, style and design pattern of the vanity top, it should be kept as free and unoccupied as possible. You require an effective and customized storage plan to achieve this. Start by assessing your storage needs before you embark on your bathroom remodeling project. With a realistic estimate at hand, you can now plan and install adequate cabinets to store most of your toiletries, leaving the dainty surface free and visible.

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