4 Tips To Choose The Best Bedroom Floor For A Home Renovation Project

The bedroom is the comfort retreat in a home. Whether it’s a kids’, master or guest bedroom, this room should be as cozy as possible in terms of decor, furnishings and general ambience. Whether it’s a full home makeover project or a partial (bedroom-only) remodeling project, you should always choose the most appropriate floor for the new bedroom. When choosing a bedroom floor, keep the following factors in mind: your lifestyle, project budget, the designated bedroom user and desired design style, such as contemporary, traditional, or shabby chic among others. Incidentally, bedroom renovations merit functional qualities as much as aesthetic values. Therefore, try to strike a balance between these two considerations, when choosing new bedroom features, to create an idyllic relaxation space. The following tips will help you compare various functional and aesthetic factors when choosing the perfect floor for your bedroom renovation project.




Beauty And Value


Two of the most important reasons for undertaking a home makeover project are to embellish the house and increase its value. When choosing a bedroom floor, you should consider the most rewarding option in this regard. Whether you use solid or engineered hardwood floors, your bedroom will achieve a more attractive look and your home’s value will soar. If you are renovating a master bedroom suite, you can install a hardwood floor throughout the floor space including the bathroom area. Hardwood floors are suitable for kids’ bedrooms because they age at par with the child. They also render a bed and breakfast ambiance when installed in guests’ bedrooms. Hardwood floors made from oak and other traditional hardwood trees are the classic and most popular choices in this regard.

You can also go for eco-friendly wood floors like bamboo and eucalyptus to ensure sustainability and durability. Such green home renovation installations result in massive increases in home value. For a luxury bedroom makeover, consider rare hardwoods like the Brazilian koa wood floor, which is breathtakingly exquisite, very durable and incredibly expensive.


Warmth And Silence


To achieve the cozy feel mentioned above, you should consider bedroom floors that are warm and quiet to walk on. Carpets are warm, comfortable underfoot, and absorb noise; thereby creating a serene bedroom chamber. You can go with wall-to-wall carpets or a large section rug with bound edges to showcase some sections of the floor space. Choose a tasteful color and an adorable style like loop or weave. Select a suitable carpet made from synthetic fibers or enhance your bedroom’s luxurious appeal with natural wool or silk carpets. For a wall-to-wall installation, consult a reputable bedroom remodeler for advice on the best carpet type for your space. Remodeling a master bedroom usually involves the master bath, as well. Depending on your tastes and preferences, master bedroom suite mobility and budget, consulting a trustworthy plumbing company in your area, such as any professional plumber in DC if you live in the Washington city area, will help you keep everything coherent and cohesive; plumbers will help you get the look and layout you want while maintaining your existing plumbing or be able to recommend changes that need made.


Easy-To-Maintain And Tough


Depending on your local climate and your preferred decoration style, you might overlook warmth and silence for a more affordable and easy to maintain floor choice like tiles. Floor tiles, such as porcelain, ceramic and travertine, are hardy floor materials that can be installed in warm climates to render bold floor designs like rustic and bohemian. They are suitable for high traffic areas because they are tough and easy to clean.


Durable And Customizable


If you wish to match or even complement any unique bedroom decoration style, choose an easy-to-customize floor type like concrete. Concrete can be dyed, textured and stamped to achieve just about any imaginable design style or pattern. It is suitable for warm climates and for contemporary renovation designs. Like tiles, concrete is easy to maintain and very durable.

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