Effective Green Plumbing Ideas For Your Home

As the whole world comes together to reduce pollution and mitigate its negative climate change effects, all homeowners must realize that environmental conservation is no longer a matter of choice, it is a personal responsibility. One of the most crucial home areas in this regard is the plumbing system. By adopting some eco-friendly plumbing solutions in your home, you will not only be saving yourself some utility related expenses, but also making the world a better, healthier place.

Depending on the nature of your home plumbing system, there are many insightful ideas that can turn your home green. Basically, all green plumbing ideas involve enhancing the efficiency of your home by curbing water and energy wastage and hence reducing resource usage. Consult a knowledgeable local plumber, who is committed to environmental sustainability, for advice on the issue. For environmentally friendly plumbing services in the vicinity of Washington, consult any professional plumbing company that provides eco-friendly DC plumbing repairs and installations. As you embrace the idea of a healthier home and planet, consider the following green plumbing tips.


Save Energy


There are several effective energy conservation tips that can help to curb energy loss and reduce total energy consumption in a typical household. Start by reducing energy loss in your water heating system by implementing the following ideas. Install an efficient water heater, such as tankless/on-demand or solar, instead of a conventional storage water heater system. By adopting this idea, you will save on two fronts, energy loss and water usage. Although the initial purchase and installation costs might be relatively high, an efficient unit is more economical because it incurs lower operating (energy use) costs. Secondly, install an insulated piping network from your hot water heater to your showers and faucets and ensure that none of the pipes are outside your walls — to reduce heat loss.


Save Water




To reduce resource (water) wastage and promote environmental sustainability, try to curb water loss in your household as much as you can. Consider the following water conservation ideas. Start by installing low-flow faucets and bathrooms showers to reduce water loss through splashes and sprays. Secondly, install low-flush toilets that are certified and approved as water-efficient by the EPA. Thirdly, reduce the flow rate of your faucets by screwing flow reducers on them. Finally, repair leaking pipes promptly and use energy-efficient home appliances, such as dishwashers and laundry machines, to reduce their water consumption.


Sustainable Home Water System


In your quest to create a healthier environment and planet, you should also make sure that your home is healthy. Start by assessing the quality of your household water supply to ensure that it is clean and safe for human consumption. Investigate the source of your water supply, consider the supplier’s water filtration and purification systems and procedures, and then have your water tested for quality by a professional.

You can also install a whole household water filtration system to clean your home water supply. An efficient filtration system will trap the microorganisms, sediments, and chemicals in your water leaving it healthier for drinking and cleaner for the water heaters. Similarly, you can install activated carbon filters on faucets and shower heads to absorb water pollutants and ensure clean water. Finally, install an effective/sustainable water “recycling” system, such as a reverse osmosis water purification system, to create purified drinking water. This idea will promote your two green objectives: a healthier home and a healthier environment.

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