Green Plumbing Tips

Climate change is a major issue in our world today. So it is important to be as environmentally conscious as possible, especially when it comes to your plumbing because it can save you money. There are a lot of things that you can do to make your home greener, healthier, and more energy efficient. Here are just a few helpful tips.





Know Your Water Supply

It is helpful to know what kind of water supply you have in your home just in case there are issues. This will be beneficial if you ever need to consult a professional plumber, because knowing the type of water supply will let them know exactly what kind of service needs to be provided.


Filters And Filtration Systems

Chlorine filters can be installed on your shower head to reduce the level of the chlorine in your water. You can also install a whole house water filtration system, which not only makes the water cleaner and healthier but can also make your water heaters and plumbing fixtures last longer. Carbon filters can also be added to sinks, faucets, and shower heads to purify water for everyday use.


Install Water-Saving Faucets, Showers And Toilets

Installing water-saving (low-flow) faucets and showers can reduce water usage by as much as sixty percent. The average toilet uses twenty eight gallons of water per person per day. A water-saving (low-flow) toilet uses three to five times less water.


Faucet-Flow Reducers

Faucet flow reducers are easy to install on the end of your faucet where the water comes out. This simple addition can cut water waste by as much as forty percent. Protecting the planet by using less water will reward you with lower utility bills.


Energy-Efficient Appliances

Installing energy efficient (or Energy-Star rated) appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, and dryers can reduce the water usage by up to fifty percent. Electricity and gas usage is also reduced for further savings on the environment, as well as your wallet.


Where Does Your Water Go?

Most of the water that’s used in your home is used for toilet flushing, clothes-washing, and gardening. But you can set up an efficient and inexpensive water collection system and use up to fifty-five percent less water. This water collection system can be as simple as a drum or a tray that’s placed outdoor wherever excess water can be collected. You can also place a tray on your roof to collect rainwater. But if you’re going to set up a water collection system, remember that it’s not safe to use this water as drinking water.


Dollars And Sense

Let’s talk dollars and cents. How much money will you save by making your home greener and more energy efficient? Following even just a few of these simple steps can save you and your family about four-hundred dollars a year. With that much savings making your home greener is not only easy, it just makes sense!


Plumbing Emergencies

But even green and energy efficient homes can sometimes experience plumbing emergencies. And a plumbing emergency can definitely put you in the red if you make the mistake of trying to repair it yourself. Always consult a certified, licensed plumbing professional in the event of a plumbing emergency. This will ensure that the problem is solved quickly, efficiently, and safely. If you need DC emergency plumbing services, simply go online, look in you local phone book or consult a friend or family member for a recommendation.

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