Plumbing Maintenance Advice For New Homeowners

Buying your first home can be exciting. But if you’re a new homeowner, there are some plumbing maintenance tips that will come in handy when it comes to maintaining your home.


Move Everything But The Plumbing

Sometimes when you move into a new home things aren’t exactly the way you want them. But if you are considering a home renovation, don’t move the plumbing without careful consideration to difficulty and price. A bathroom remodel can be costly. If you can remodel by installing new fixtures and not rearranging plumbing, you may save some money. If you do need plumbing systems and pipes moved, it is best to consult a professional plumber. This ensures your project is done right from the beginning, and that things are safe and up to code.


Rings Down The Drain

If your ring, or other small item, accidentally falls down the drain, you may not need to call a professional plumber. The bling is most likely caught in the P-Trap (the pipe underneath your sink). And you can retrieve it yourself fairly easily. Turn off the water and place a bucket under the sink. Then disconnect the pipe. Remove the pipe and retrieve your lost treasure and then put the pipe back together.



If you have a new home, you will probably have a lot of guests. Make sure your plumbing is prepared by checking for slow or clogged drains, leaky faucets, or slow-flushing toilets. And make sure the trash cans in all the bathrooms are empty so that nothing gets flushed down the toilet that shouldn’t!


How To Unclog A Toilet

Sometimes you can unclog a toilet without the help of a plumbing professional. First, turn off the water to the toilet. If the toilet is overflowing wait ten minutes for the water to go down. Then use a plunger, going back and forth between hard and gentle plunges. If the plunger doesn’t solve the problem, use a hand-held plumbing snake. If the plumbing snake fails too, then you should consult a licensed, certified, plumber in your area for help.


Weather Related Plumbing Issues

Snow, ice, and heavy rain can cause big problems in your new home. Melted ice from your roof and gutters can form puddles next to your house. This can cause unsightly and expensive damage to your home’s walls and flooring. During the winter months, remember to keep your gutters and downspouts clear. Your downspouts and gutters should be maintained twice a year or more often if you are experiencing issues with them.


Appliance And Water Heater Maintenance




You can replace any leaking hoses on your washing machine yourself fairly easily. But, when it comes to the shut-off valves and the supply pipes themselves, it may be best to call a professional plumber. If any other part of the washing machine is malfunctioning like the pump, the tub, or the door seals, you should consult a certified, licensed professional repair man. Likewise, if have a problem with your water heater you should consult a professional plumber as soon as you notice the issue. With water heaters, the sooner the better is the best way to treat the situation.


Basement Plumbing Basics

If there is water on your basement floor or if the walls are leaking, your sump pump or a leaking pipe may be the culprit. Consult a plumber right away.


New Home Maintenance Tasks

New homeowners might not be familiar with some of the simple plumbing maintenance tasks that should be performed on either a monthly or an annual basis. Once a month, it’s a good idea to do things like clean your dishwasher’s drain, inspect and clean your gutters (see above), change and inspect your heating and air conditioning filters, and run water and flush toilets in rarely used areas of your home. Once a year you should do the following: flush your water heater, caulk bathtubs and windows, test your sump pump, check your faucets and toilets for leaks, and make sure your pipes are properly insulated.


Ask The Right Questions

Whether you’re looking for DC commercial plumbing services or residential plumbing services, be sure to ask some questions when you call. Can they give estimates over the phone for your particular issue? Is the estimate free if they need to come out and see it?

What form of payment do they accept? Knowing the answers to these queries will get you on the right track to taking care of the problem.

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