How To Keep Drains Clean

Anyone who takes baths or showers on a regular basis knows that keeping the drains clean can be difficult. Drains get used often, and clogged with hair, soap, and other things that can caused them to become backed up. In this case, you might need to find a plumber offering drain services, in order to ensure that your drain is working properly and not suffering any ill effects from not being cleaned out often. Thankfully, it is easier than it sounds, and doesn’t have to cost a lot. Here are three popular ways to stay on top of drain maintenance.

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Use Drain Cleaners For Maintenance


You should consult with a professional before you start using drain cleaners in order to ensure that the drain is free from hair and other build up. If you use them too often, they can start to clog pipes, which can become a real issue, and not one that you will want to deal with in the long run. It can be very costly to repair pipes that have been eaten away by drain cleaners, because they were poured down too much. If you use them as often as is prescribed based on your home’s needs, you should be able to take care of problems quickly and effectively, and not worry about the state of the pipes.


Use Hair Catchers


There are special hair catchers that you can put around the drain in your bathtub. These don’t cost much at all, and can save a lot of time and money, since they catch the hair, and allow it to build up in the catcher, without going down the drain. If you or the people you live with have long hair, this will go a long way in preventing problems, including saving and extending the life of your drain and pipes.


Have A Professional Review Them


Have a professional come out to review your pipes if you suspect there might be problems. Finding companies that offer drain services in DC is easy, and you can feel confident knowing that they are experienced in doing their job. A plumber will be able to take a look at your drains, and see if they just need a simple cleaning, or something more. In many cases, the plumber can use a snake tool that goes in and scrapes the drain, unclogging it of hair, buildup, and other things that naturally occur in tubs and sinks. This service is worth the price, and can even prevent larger problems from happening further down the line. No matter how often you need it, it is usually quick, and can save you a great deal of money.

When trying to take care of your drains, there are many things you can do. From making use of hair catchers, to various cleaners that can help de-clog your drain, you have options. Finally, having a plumber come out is always a good idea when you want to take care of and prevent problems.

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