The Most Common Water Heater Problem And How To Solve It

There are many different issues that can stem from having a water heater. It’s too small or doesn’t create enough hot water. Perhaps your family uses it frequently, or maybe it’s old and needs to be replaced. Water heaters have a limited lifespan, just as any appliance does. However, there is one problem that affects them, and creates problems for families of all sizes: hard water. Read on to learn about the connection between hard water, how it affects your heater, and what you can do to prevent further issues from occurring.


Hard Water Causes Problems With the Element In Your Heater




As any DC water heater plumber will tell you, hard water creates problems with the elements inside the heater. The water can cause buildup, making it difficult for the elements to do their job of heating the water tank properly. Throughout all this, the water heater is constantly trying to engage. This causes your heating bill to run up, creating further problems. You don’t have enough hot water to do everything you need to do, and now you’re experiencing problems with your water and electric bill, as the element in the hot water heater works overtime.


You Don’t Have Enough Hot Water


Because the element is working to create hot water, but can’t engage correctly, the hot water heater can’t fill up all the way. This means halfway through your bath or shower, you start to get cold water. Your dishwasher isn’t cleaning the dishes properly, because it runs out of hot water before it is done. You may even resort to boiling water to clean your dishes or wash your hands, to kill germs. This might sound like a suitable workaround for a little while, but it gets old.


Have A Water Softener Put In


If you experience problems with hard water because you have a well, or simply because of the area you live in, it’s time to let a DC plumber help you. Ask them about having a water softener put in, and see how easy it is to have water that is cleaner. It won’t dull up your dishes, or cause problems with your hot water heater. Although you may still run into issues from time to time, using the water softener as a preventative measure is the best thing you can do to prevent further problems.

If you are looking for ways to solve problems with your hot water heater, consider what sorts of issues you run into. Hard water is one of the main causes of water heater problems. It can ruin elements, preventing them from fully heating up the water, as they become caked up over time. This runs up your electric bill, as your heater works overtime to make hot water. You’ll find difficulty in washing dishes and doing other tasks to stay clean. A water softener can prevent many of these problems. Even if it sounds intimidating to put one in, a plumber can assist you, making sure its done right the first time.


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