Three Common Plumbing Repairs In The Home

Owning a home can be a joyous experience, but being a homeowner also comes with its headaches. As a homeowner is it your responsibility to fix any problems that could arise in the dwelling. A common repair issue that occurs in a residence comes in the form of plumbing issues. Some of the issues can be rectified on your own, but others will require intervention from a plumbing professional.

If the problem occurs in an inaccessible area, or will take a lot of time to fix, DC plumbing repairs should be done by a reputable company. DIY projects have gained a lot of popularity, but you cannot fix something yourself if you do not have a clue what you are doing. There always comes a point with DIY tasks where your scope of practice does not cover what needs to be done. This is when professionals will need to be called in.


Leave It To The Professionals


The layout of the piping system in your home can be difficult to decipher. For many homeowners, the thought of completing repairs on their own can be daunting. A professional that is employed in this line of work, understands how the piping system in your home operates. If there is an issue, they can point out its exact cause without having to guess what the problem could be.

A basic plumbing system consists of a supply side and a drain side. Water is fed into the home through the supply side and it exits the residence through the drain side.  Between the supply and drain side, there are networks of pipes that supply various areas of the home. It is within these networks that the most common plumbing repair issues occur. Leaks, clogs, and fixture repairs are the most common household plumbing problems.




Leaks occurring within a home can be visible or invisible. They may create a pool of water around a supply source, such as the kitchen or bathroom sink, or the tub. Leaks can also be spotted on the walls, causing a stain to appear in the area. After the source of the leak has been identified, the plumber can then begin repairing the issue.


Clogged Drains


DC camera inspection


There are a lot of products that can be purchased from local retailers to help unclog drains. Even though these products exist, they do a minimal job of helping with basic clogs. If the clog is deep within the piping system, or the lines are old, a DIY clog product that can be purchased through a retail provider may not suffice. Clogs occurring in the tub or sink will need to be rectified by a professional servicer.


Fixture Repairs


The term fixture repair refers to replacing a faulty fixture, such as a toilet, faucet, or showerhead. The complexity of the home can determine if these fixtures can be replaced by the homeowner, or if a professional company should complete the task. If you are unaware of how to replace these fixtures, it is in your best interest to call someone to assist. When in doubt always refer out.

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