Tips On Keeping The Kitchen Drain Clean

One of the hardest drains in the home to maintain is the one in the kitchen. Many homeowners have garbage disposals and that happens to be one of the easiest types of drains to become dirty and clogged. For those homeowners who do not have a disposal, it seems that food is constantly getting caught in the drain and causing the kitchen drain to be the most clogged in the entire house. There are many ways of keeping the kitchen drain clean and maintained and some professional plumbers have tips for you.

Wear And Tear


When you hire a plumbing company in DC, they will more than likely inspect your kitchen sink drain once you tell them there could be a possible clog. Kitchen drains are not the easiest to maintain. These drains have quite a lot of wear and tear that they endure because of how much is used on a daily basis. Those with garbage disposals see even more wear and tear.

Grease, Oils, and Fats


There are items that you should never put down the drain in the kitchen. These items are some of the worst for your drains and could cause severe damage. Grease, oils, and fats are three items to never throw down the kitchen drain. When these items are thrown down the drain, they are usually hot, considering the fact that you probably have been cooking with them. Once they cool, they end up becoming very hard and freeze up all over the drain. For those that have a disposal, they freeze up onto the blades of it. This will immediately cause damage to the garbage disposal and you will have to call your local plumber to come out and do some repairs. If you do cook with these materials, it is best to just throw them away.

Getting Rid Of Unwanted Drain Waste


a stainless steel kitchen sink drain detail


There are a few ways that you can get rid of the unwanted waste in your drains. One of the best ways is by pouring boiling water down the drain. The hot water helps to really loosen up all of the extra food waste that is piling up in the drain. If you have made the mistake of pouring oils or grease down the drain, this is a great way to keep it from hardening onto your disposal blades. This is not the way to get rid of all of the food waste in your drain, but this will really help to loosen it up so your plumber won’t have too hard of job when they come to make drain repairs for you.

Keeping your kitchen drain cleaned and well-maintained will allow you to not have to deal with bad smells, clogs, or a disposal that won’t work. If you have noticed any of these things and cannot get a drain cleaner to work, it is time to call your local plumber. They will be able to help repair some of the damages and wear and tear.

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