Tips On Making The Change To Plastic Pipes

Many homeowners are deciding to put plastic pipes in their homes. A lot of them are switching from copper and bronze because of the wear and tear. Plastic has become one of the most popular types of pipe to use in the home recently. Is it right for your home? There are a few tips from professional plumbers that can help you decide.

What Are The Advantages?

There are quite a few reasons that home owners decide to make the switch to plastic pipes. A plumber in DC will make sure that you know all there is to know about changing over to plastic pipes. These pipes are very flexible. Most of them have been made to be joint free which means that they will not leak as much as your current pipes. Less leaks means that you will have fewer problems with your pipes.

Plastic pipes are much easier to install and they cost less. This will save you money on parts and labor when you go to make the switch. Plastic pipes have also been shown to last much longer than others. Some tests show that these pipes will last up to 100 years longer than bronze or copper pipes. Lastly, plastic pipes can be used again and recycled. This seems to be the best choice for those thinking of the earth.

The Different Types Of Pipes

There are quite a few types of plastic pipes to choose from. PVC and CPVC are two of the most well-known of these pipes. PVC pipes are mostly used for colder water whereas CPVC are used for hot water. PVC pipes are the white, plastic pipes that are very rigid. PE pipes are a type of plastic pipe that is incredibly flexible. These types of pipes have been shaped and curved in a very specific way so that there is no need to fit the pipes together. This also helps to keep the leaks away. Finally, there is ABS piping. This is made out of black plastic and is quite rigid as well. This type of piping is mostly used for drainage lines. This type of plastic piping is actually cheaper than PVC pipes.

You can probably walk around your local do-it-yourself store and see the sudden change in the piping sections. You will see that plastic pipes seem to be taking over in the world of plumbing. If you are seriously interested in making the switch, your local plumber can give you quite a lot of helpful tips and information that can help you decide. Making the change can be difficult to grasp, but once you have decided, you will be saving more money and even energy. The pipes that you have in your home are probably very old and could use a remodel. Changing them out will even give you a cleaner water supply and you will have less of a chance of having freezing pipes in the winter time. Talk with your local plumber about making the switch today. 

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