5 Basic Steps For A Successful Bathroom Remodeling Project

Before launching a bathroom remodeling/makeover project, it is always advisable to evaluate your needs, set project goals and objectives, research and consult, and then choose the right plumbing materials and contractors. Although it involves a relatively small space, a bathroom renovation project requires extensive resources and a lot of dedication and commitment by all the parties involved. This necessitates the consideration of a stringent set of factors, such as the client’s needs and preferences, project budget and time schedule, the desired style and design, before committing to any aspect of the project. Despite its inherent complexity, the entire bathroom remodeling project can be compressed into the following comprehensive steps.





Conceptualizing The Idea


The first step in the long road to a successful bathroom remodeling project involves assessing the feasibility and practicality of the proposed undertaking in accordance with various personal, financial, and situational factors. As the initial planning phase, this step dwells on the proposed/desired style and function of the new bathroom. Based on the source of your inspiration for the project, you might consider one or more remodeling designs, such as the contemporary, small mid-century bath, traditional, or rustic master bath style, as a starting point.


Project Purpose And Scope


The next step involves a more direct approach in the evaluation and resolution of some of the issues or factors highlighted in the first step. In this planning phase, you should consider the purpose of this project in relation to your bathroom needs and preferences. You should then select the bathroom design space that will appropriately fulfill these needs following a successful makeover, such as a full, master, half-bath or powder room, or a kid-friendly bathroom.


Cost Assessment And Budgeting


Now that you have a rough idea about the purpose, nature, and scope of your project, you can draft a realistic implementation plan of the bathroom remodel. First of all, you need to conduct some research regarding the practical aspects of the project. This involves consulting professional plumbers for advice and guidance. In this step, you should create a realistic budget estimate with itemized spending provisions based on the information gathered from your consultative and research sessions. To come up with a viable budget plan, you should work with experts on all project paradigms. For instance, if you wish to get reliable information regarding a specialized service, use the internet to search and choose the right consultants. If you live in a certain city like Washington DC, you can search for professional plumbers offering sewer services in DC on the web. You can then engage these specialists and ask any questions regarding the project.


Comprehensive Project Design


The fourth step involves the actual project design and space planning. At this stage, you should be familiar with most, if not all, the practical alterations that will be made to your bathroom. You should be able to evaluate and plan the layout of the new bathroom space. You should also be able to decide on the most appropriate changes that are needed in your bathroom including the fixtures, lighting installations, surfaces, and finishes.


Acquiring Materials And Getting Started

The fifth step will commence with the actual purchase of all the budgeted plumbing materials and installations. Using your detailed design plans and your realistic budget estimate, you will shop for various items including countertops, pipes, wall materials, cabinets, and other specialty features. Finally, to complete this last step, you will hire the right plumbing company, assemble all the required resources, and launch the project.

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