DIY Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Many people would hesitate to admit it, but when it comes to the idea of remodeling any of the rooms in your house, the design and implementation of the plan is usually done with other people in mind as much as it is with yourself in mind. When you’re remodeling your kitchen, sure, you might tell yourself that you’ll be able to utilize the counter space and open walkways to move more freely and easily about the kitchen as you cook for yourself everyday and finally kick the habit of ordering too much takeout. The reality, however, is that somewhere in the back of your mind you understand that while your plans to become a gourmet chef may or may not pan out, you will definitely be having friends over for a get together and will want to show off your remodeled kitchen. The same goes for the dining room and certainly for the exterior of your house. The bedroom and bathroom remodeling jobs, however, need to be undertaken with a confident understanding in what you personally (or you and your family) are comfortable with. This article will focus on bathroom remodeling projects. Specifically, bathroom remodeling projects that are relatively simple and can be carried out by even the most novice home remodelers out there. While the bedroom may be the primary source of relaxation (due to a little, third-of-our-life thing called sleep) the bathroom is not far behind.


Shower Storage And Rods




Due to our busy lifestyles, the shower is quickly surpassing the bathtub as the luxury bathroom item of choice. More and more people are choosing to renovate their bathrooms with more spacious showers, some are even having multiple shower heads installed, or installing a shower that doubles as a sauna. While these ambitious projects are best left to professional contractors or veteran do-it-yourselfers, there are a few shower upgrades you can make on your own. One of these upgrades is an improvement of your shower’s storage situation. There is a diverse array of shower storage products available at home goods stores which offer a variety of attachment styles by which they affix to your shower and a variety of shapes and sizes of containers to actually hold your shower items. While your shower may already have a small indentation for a bar of soap, this often isn’t enough. A new shower rod is also a popular and quick way to improve your shower experience. Many people are choosing curved shower rods in an effort to provide a more spacious shower without having to get out the toolbox.




Changing the lighting situation in your bathroom can have a dramatic impact on the feeling and functionality of the room. Bathroom lighting needs to find that elusive balance between being too dark to see all of the important things that happen in the bathroom and so bright that you are overwhelmed and the feeling of relaxation is diminished. Multiple lights operated by different light switches and lights with a gradual increase/decrease in brightness are effective ways to attain this balance.


Professional Help


Of course, when it comes to implementing any serious changes in the bathroom it is best to call a DC bathroom remodeling professional. Other things like installing new fixtures or tiling may be able to be accomplished by DIY enthusiasts, but when it comes to the plumbing solutions that often need to be considered in a remodel, it is best to at least get the input of a pro.

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