Common Plumbing Emergencies

There might be no such thing as a plumbing problem that isn’t an emergency. It’s hard to believe that we have only had running water for a fraction of human history. Almost immediately after we invented complex plumbing systems, it didn’t take long for nearly every human being in a developed country to become completely entitled to a functioning plumbing system in their house twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Any interruption to a house’s water flow, or any intrusion of said water flow onto a part of the house it isn’t supposed to be, and our worlds come crashing down. As with any kind of emergency, the most common reaction to such a problem is, “Why me?”  Well, when it comes to plumbing emergencies, it helps to have a little perspective. It isn’t just you. Plumbing emergencies occur with relative frequency. What follows is a list of some of the most common plumbing emergencies. If you’ve experienced them all, congratulations—you are a true plumbing problem pioneer. If you’ve never experienced any, knock on wood (and go check your bathroom!). Some of the following problems may be fixable yourself, but others might require the help of a DC emergency plumber.


Clogged Toilets, Bathtubs And Drains


Clogged toilets, bathtubs and drains are perhaps the most common problem. One way you know a problem is common is if the solution is seemingly ubiquitous. There are drain cleaning, clearing and unclogging problems in the aisles of not only every home improvement store, but nearly every grocery store and drug store as well. Most of these clogs can be taken care of with these over-the-counter products; however, a persistent clog, or a clog that seems to affect multiple drains in your bathroom—both the toilet and the sink, for example—may be indicative of a larger problem with your sewer line, as all of the individual plumbing lines in your bathroom lead to a primary sewer line. If this is the case, all the drain cleaner in the world won’t help you and you’re better served leaving it to the professionals.


Leaking Faucets And Toilets


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Leaking faucets and toilets are interesting problems because the initial stress they cause is unrelated to the appliance or fixture itself. Most people are simply horrified at the sight of standing water anywhere in their home outside of a sink or bathtub. Even a small puddle on the bathroom tile can cause people to react as if they’re weathering a tsunami. Only after a towel has dried up the standing water do these people get around to assessing the actual source of the problem, the leaking faucet or toilet itself. If the leak is caused by an overflow it can usually be taken care of yourself. If the water is coming up from a drain or up from under the toilet or sink itself, though, it is again time to call a real plumber.


Hot Water Problems


Nine times out of ten, no hot water is a temporary problem. Either you or someone else has used up the hot water reserves, or there is a temporary malfunction of the system. Occasionally, however, no hot water indicates a more serious problem with the hot water heater or a problem with the larger electrical system. Again, don’t hesitate to call a plumber and get to the bottom of things.





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