Excellent Summer Plumbing Tips

Summertime means more activities, more action, and more things that require water to take place.  After a long and cold snowy winter, life booms outside yet again, and things like swimming pools, sprinkler systems, and outdoor water lines are used for a number of different things.  Water usage all together sky rockets in the summer.  Unfortunately, a huge amount of water also gets wasted.  Luckily, when remembering and practicing a few tips, you could save a huge portion of that wasted water.  Listed below are three excellent and common methods to help save water, as well the overall plumbing efficiency of your home, both inside and outside.


Be Kind To The Washing Machine


Summertime will just about always drive up the usage and workload of the washing machine for families considering the temperature goes up and people go through clothing much faster.  It is recommended that you pull the washing machine away from the wall to prevent the hose from kinking.  Also, the hose should be replaced about every 3 years, and when you do replace the hose consider getting a stainless steel hose for the best quality and durability.  Another excellent tip to use with saving life/energy on a washing machine during the summer is to plan out your loads more carefully so you can get the most out of them and have fewer loads altogether.  This will save water, life on the unit, and money or your monthly energy bill.  Always take good care of your washing machine and check for any leaks or bulges so they can be fixed or have it replaced when necessary.




Check The Sprinkler System Often


Sprinkler systems can be an excellent tool to manage the balance of water over your property helping keeps your lawn green and prevent flooded areas.  However, without proper maintenance, they can become problematic and create the opposite effect.  A broken sprinkler head can leak a large amount of water in an undesirable place.  Also, if the set up is in the wrong location, water could be accumulating in the wrong areas, resulting in a huge waste and even water damage in rare cases.  Proper planning, installation, maintenance, and winterizing the sprinkler system are essential to ensure that water is not being wasted and put in the wrong areas.


Make Sure Water Is Off When Not Being Used


During the summertime, more activities are being done outside that require water like car washing, pressure washing, and even water balloons for a few examples.  No matter what the water is being used for, make sure that it gets turned off after you’re done using it.  Children often forget to do this and you could be left with a hefty water bill while also having a negative impact on the environment.


Following these summertime tips can have very positive impact on the overall productivity and efficiency of your summer.  These tips apply to businesses, as well.  Depending on what type of business you have, water usage is often increased in summer months, just like at residences.  If you have any other questions or concerns you can contact an expert that offers DC commercial sewer repair, as whey will be well-versed in plumbing advice and how to handle commercial plumbing accounts.

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