Ideas For Upgrading Your Bathroom In The New Year

If you’re looking for some ideas to upgrade your bathroom for the New Year, it’s a good idea to hire a professional plumber to help and advise you. But before you pick up the phone or start researching on the internet searching for a professional DC plumber, here are a few ideas that can make your ordinary bathroom feel more luxurious in 2017.


 Glass Shower Enclosure


When you think about renovating or remodeling your bathroom, you may want to start with your shower. To make your bathroom feel more open, choose to install a glass shower enclosure instead of a plain old shower rod and curtain.


Steam Showers


Another way to upgrade your shower and make it feel a little fancier is to add a vent in the ceiling of your glass shower enclosure. This creates the same effect as a steam shower, but it’s less expensive than a traditional steam generator. These vents can also open or close, just in case you don’t want every shower to be a steam shower.


Shower Benches


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Shower benches are a great option if you have problems with mobility. They can be installed directly into an existing shower and can be customized with tile in order to match the rest of the space. These benches are specifically designed to be waterproof and can also include built- in shelves for toiletries like shampoo, body wash, razors and soap.


Handheld Shower Heads


Handheld shower heads are yet another option if you struggle with mobility.  They are an easy way to make your shower experience easier and more relaxing. If you enjoy a full-coverage shower experience, rain showers are perfect for that. They also give the illusion of standing in the rain.


Heated Floors


There’s nothing more uncomfortable than stepping out of a hot shower onto a cold floor. So consider heated floors when you’re discussing the renovation or remodel of your bathroom with a professional plumber. They can be quite expensive, but your bare feet will thank you.


Vanity Storage


You’ll need plenty of storage in your newly renovated or remodeled bathroom to store all your belongings and avoid clutter. A large mirror is also a great investment. Consider carefully where you install lights, as certain places may cast less than flattering shadows on your face.


Reasons To Hire A Professional Plumber For Your Bathroom Renovation Or Remodel


A professional plumber can discuss these bathroom upgrade ideas with you and help you decide which ideas are right for you and your family. A professional plumber can also help keep your renovation or remodeling project both on schedule and on budget. Making the most of an existing space can be difficult when you’re overwhelmed with options. A professional plumber can help you with this too. Choosing the right lighting, tubs, sinks, and plumbing fixtures is yet another decision that a professional plumber can assist you with. They can also install low-flow faucets and toilets so that your new dream is as environmentally friendly as possible.  So keep these tips in mind if you’re considering a bathroom upgrade in 2017.

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