Professional Advice On What Not To Flush

The toilets in your home are very important. Without them, you would be in trouble! That is why it is imperative that you know exactly what you should not flush down the toilet. Many of these items will only cause problems in the future to your toilet and your sewer system. If you are questioning whether you should flush it, the answer is probably no. Here is a very large list of items that your professional plumber would suggest you not flush, in order to keep your sewer system happy and healthy. This can also save you a lot of money and visits from your local plumber.


Prescription Drugs And Cat Litter




Many people are not aware of this, but prescription drugs and cat litter are two of the most lethal objects that you could possibly flush down your toilet. Contact your local professional that offers sewer services in DC for help and advice if you have flushed either of these down the drain. Prescription drugs are never to be flushed because of all of the chemicals that are in them. They are not made to be in water and many times when they break down, the chemicals in them will cause your water to be contaminated. This can leak into someone else’ s water system as well and could end up killing people and animals.

Pet owners all over the world will throw used cat litter down their toilets and this is a huge problem! There are two major ingredients in cat litter that can instantly clog any type of drain and that is clay and sand. When cat litter has been used, it has many toxins and parasites in it that will contaminate your water supply. This is another reason why you should never flush it!


Dental Floss, Tampons, And Flushable Wipes


Even though many household and bathroom items say that they are flushable, they are not exactly good for your sewer system. Dental floss is one that many people think that they can just throw down the toilet. It is not biodegradable, so even if it doesn’t clog your toilet, it will be harmful to your water supply and to the environment. It can also get caught up in the pipes because it is easy to get tangled up. Tampons are another thing that many people think you can flush. The cotton that tampons are made of can create a clog because it does not biodegrade quickly. This is one of the main clog problems that plumbers see daily. The face and body wipes that are marked flushable may also cause a huge clog in your toilet. The wipes do not break down easily when they are in water, hence they can cause quite a clog.

If you have been flushing any of these items down the toilet, be sure that you stop immediately. There are many of these that can contaminate your water and make you very sick, and none of them are good for the health of your sewer or septic system.

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