Three Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Smart Room

It is an undeniable fact that technology has severely altered our existence. Smartphones have become the modern-day equivalent to a daily journal. The internet is where everyone goes if they need a question answered. Technology has changed the way that we act and the way that we live. Now it has also changed the functionality of the bathroom.

Many adults can recall their parents bickering at them for bringing something electronic into the bathroom with them. Parents were convinced that if something electronic were taken into the area that their children could get hurt. Now, electronics have become a part of the bathroom, and are being integrated into the room with such precision that it’s hard to tell if they are incorporated or not.


The Cool Cabinet Effect


The Cool Cabinet is a idea that does exist, and one you may be interested in if you are planning to do some bathroom remodeling in DC. On the outside, the cabinet looks like your basic medicine cabinet. It has mirrors on the outside of it, and when it opens, there is space for you to store your hygiene products. When it comes to this cabinet, looks can be deceiving. The medicine cabinet is built with a partial refrigeration system.

This system was built in to provide an area to keep cold drinks on hand, or for other items that require refrigeration. Skin products that are organically made can be stored here, instead of the fridge. Also, for people that take medications that require refrigeration, there will be no need to have to store pills next to food. Instead, the cabinet provides a perfect place to keep prescriptions cold.


The Smart Shower


bathroom remodeling in DC


There is no better feeling in the world than stepping into a hot steaming shower at the end of a hard day. The new and improved smart shower is designed to please. This shower is loaded with interactive features that make showering extremely enjoyable and unforgettable. The appearance of the shower is simple, it is the hidden gems that make it incredibly attractive.

The smart shower features a built-in control system. The system is controlled by a few flicks of the finger, using an LCD screen that can be mounted anywhere. This shower allows users to control the water pressure of their shower, the temperature of their water, and the steam that the shower is releasing. The shower provides a fully customizable showering experience for everyone in the family.


Built-in Bathroom Stereo System


Imagine turning your tub into a stereo system. The concept may sound silly, but people are doing it. There is a built in stereo system that exists that enables music to be broadcasted from the tub in the bathroom. An amplifier is placed inside of a cabinet in the room, and can be connected to a phone or a CD can be placed into it. Speakers that are not visible are placed inside of the tub, and the sound is amplified from there.

While having the stereo system installed, you can also opt for heating pads to be placed inside the inner layer of the tub as well. These pads are designed to provide a spa-like feel in your residence. Technology has made it possible to customize your life, and make it into something that you can enjoy in every facet. From the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the car, technology integration just makes sense.

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