Space Saver Ideas For Small Bathroom Remodels

Bathrooms are normally the toughest and most expensive room to remodel in your home. The plumbing lines that have been set to signify where the toilet, sink, and tub should be set are usually in a fixed location. If the footprint of the room is small, there may not be a lot of room to work with when considering a remodel.

There is always the option of taking out a wall to expand the space. If you are tight on cash and do not the money to do a complete remodel, there are some simple things that can be done to make the room appear larger. Five space saving ideas to consider when doing DC bathroom remodeling are to change out the vanity, eliminate shower curtains, clear out the clutter, paint the walls, and add extra light.





Change Out The Vanity


If your small sized bathroom contains a vanity, consider changing it out. The vanity can be swapped for a pedestal style sink or a console that possesses a few shelves. Removing the vanity may eliminate the room’s storage potential, but it will make the room appear spacious.


Eliminate Shower Curtains


Shower curtains can make a small bathroom appear even smaller. If the curtain is made of fabric or possess a pattern, the bathroom will have a closed in or dark appearance. To give the bathroom a spacious look, install glass sliding doors. The doors are available in varying styles, and give the room a lighter appearance.


Clear Out Clutter


Cluttered rooms give an area a smaller appearance, even if the area is large. Baskets and shelves can be used to organize the area. Consider installing floating or wall-mounted cabinets. Place the shelves at a decent height, so you can store your bathroom essentials, but low enough for you to be able to grab something if it is needed.


Paint The Walls


Dark colors make rooms appear closed in, while lighter colors open them up. If your bathroom does not get a decent amount of natural light, lighter or neutral colors should be used to brighten up the space. The right paint color can transform the bathroom in your home. A light and lively color will give the room depth, making it appear larger than its square footage.


Add Extra Light


A common reason why people opt to remodel their bathrooms is due to trends. While a bathroom that possesses pattern tiles all over the walls may have been a great look in the seventies, it is not a good look now. Changing out the light fixtures in the room can provide additional lighting that the bathroom lacked previously. Think about adding sconces along the left and right sides of the mirror, or doing wall-mounted string lines.

Some bathroom remodels can be DIY, while other remodeling ideas may require professional intervention. Before removing the fixtures in the room, such as the sink, toilet, or tub, reach out to a professional to avoid damaging anything. Remodeling a room takes skill; small bathroom remodels can be just as tedious as their larger counterparts.


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