Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your water heater on a regular basis will keep your family warm and comfortable no matter what time of year it is. You might not think much about your water heater until there’s a problem. But keeping the unit well-maintained will prevent the need for costly repairs and will save you from the inconvenience caused by the lack of hot water in your home. Without hot water, you and your family won’t be able to take baths or showers, wash dishes or do the laundry. So keep these maintenance tips in mind in order to keep your unit running smoothly year round.





Leave Water Heater Maintenance To A Trained Professional


If you’re in need of water heater maintenance or repair, don’t try to do it yourself. Hire a certified, licensed, trained professional. A professional plumber will be able to flush the water heater’s tank for you or complete any other necessary repairs. Flushing the tank is important because doing so will remove any sediment that can clog your water lines and cause the unit to leak or run less efficiently. In addition to flushing your hot water heater’s tank, a plumbing professional can also check the unit’s temperature pressure and relief valves, light a pilot that has gone out (if you have a gas water heater) as well as repair any leaks or drips in your unit.


Installing A New Water Heater


When and if you need to have your water heater replaced, a professional plumber that offers water heater repair in DC can do that for you too. And it doesn’t matter if your water heater is gas or electric because an experienced plumber will know how to install both types. No matter what type of water heater you have, it’s important to ensure that it’s well-insulated and inspected regularly by a trained professional. This is the best way to prevent problems with your water heater in the future.  A professional plumber can also switch types, like from a conventional storage tank water heater to a tankless.  They can also handle any additions and changes to the plumbing needed to upsize or downsize from the current size you have.


Water Heater Installation Costs


The cost of installing a new water heater will vary depending on the type of water heater you choose. You need to discuss this with your plumber, as he can first explain the pros and cons for what types of water heaters fit your situation and needs.  Not all types will work in all homes without major changes being necessary.  He can also help you narrow down which type will benefit you the most within your budget.  Some models are more energy efficient and may save you money after the initial investment, and might be worth it in the long run. Talking to a professional plumber is the best way to find out what kind of water heater is right for your family, your budget, and your home.  Using these tips will help with your water heater decisions and maintenance.

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