A sewer is something that is used in homes mostly during the day. As long as it is working properly, you have no reason to have a conversation regarding the sewer pipes. However, this does not mean that a problem cannot arise in your sewer line. When a problem begins to build within your sewer pipes, it may still go undetected. Most often, when you realize there is a problem with your sewer, the problem has been ongoing for quite some time. It has only become noticeable because it is either severe or critical. Once you realize there is something wrong with your sewer system, it may be time to call a plumbing service for a sewer inspection. The following are the three major reasons why you need a sewer inspection in DC.


Tree Roots Love Sewer Lines


The first common cause of sewer issues is roots of trees. Trees do not have to be very close to the sewer pipes for them to cause a problem. Trees with deep roots that extend far below the ground can grow around the sewer pipes causing excessive damage to the pipes when the roots crush or poke the pipes. The roots sneak into the tiny openings of the pipes and then expand with time, blocking the flow of the sewer line eventually causing damage. In case you notice that your sewer pipes are not draining properly; there could be a serious problem with the sewer. The first thing that you should do is to schedule for a sewer inspection. The inspection may help you identify the issue, and also assist in the repairing of the damage caused by the roots.


Natural Wear And Tear


Even new sewer systems can experience leaks, or get blocked from time to time although older sewer systems are at a higher risk. Your home’s sewer system may have been constructed prior to the modern sewer system, relying on clay and cesspools. These old sewer systems erode and collapse over time. If you are not sure of the state and the type of your sewer system, it is a good idea to have an inspection done to prevent any possible damage to your home.


Sewer Repairs Are Expensive


DC camera inspection


DC Sewer inspections are not expensive, and they can be done within a short time. On the other hand, sewer system repairs can be very costly and mostly they are not covered by your insurance since it’s a result of natural wear and tear. Furthermore, sewer backups can be very messy leading to leaking and flooding of the sewer. This type of leakage is not healthy and should be avoided at all costs. Most often, a sewer inspection will detect a problem before it causes some irreparable damage.

In conclusion, spending a minimal investment and a little time will save you from costly future problems. In case you see some signs of a potential sewer issue, or you just want to prevent future issues, schedule a professional in DC to inspect your system, and it will give you some peace of mind. Regular inspections will also help you gain a baseline of system health and enable you budget appropriately for any future plumbing repairs.

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