The best way to avoid frustrating clogs in your plumbing system is by preventive maintenance. It is the easiest way to keep your home plumbing system clean, healthy and clog free. Unfortunately, neglected plumbing pipes are lined with years of buildup of hair, grease, rust and other chemicals that cause dangerous corrosion that leave your pipes damaged. The following are some of the drain problems you may encounter in your home and how you can tackle them.


Clogged Tub Drain


Bathtub drains do not only have water and soap running through them. Some hair and pet fur often find their way into the drain pipes causing serious tub clogs. To prevent this from happening use a strainer in order to keep hair and other elements from your plumbing pipes. Ensure you clean your strainer regularly to allow the water to drain smoothly from your bathtub. In the case of a clog, remove the strainer and apply a flat plunger on the drain. If it does not unclog after a few pushes, you may need to seek the services of a professional plumber that offers DC drain services in order to assess and also address the situation.


Floor Draining Clogs


Many homes have their floor draining located in their basements, garages, patios and laundry rooms in order to keep the excess water from flooding in the home causing damage. Since basements are the bottom-most parts of the houses, floor drains are very common in them since sewer water and rain can flow downward and flood the basements. Just like the drains of your bathtub or kitchen sink, floor drains are also equipped with traps underneath. The traps are always kept full of water to prevent the sewer odor and gases from escaping into the room. The most common issue with the floor drains is that they can become clogged with debris or dirt. In case you find that your floor drain is not working properly, contact a professional to help you clear away whatever is causing the blockage. The plumber will also give you advice on how to maintain your floor drains and prevent future clogs.


Downspout Draining Clogs And Leaks


The best way to prevent your home from flooding is to check your downspouts and gutters regularly and also after a windy day. Look for a secure ladder and remove the leaves, sticks and any other debris that has fallen in your gutters. It is also crucial to check the downspout drains since they can clog easily during rainstorms. If you are not comfortable with heights or your downspouts have serious issues, consider calling a plumbing service to ensure that your home is protected against flooding.


DC Plumber kitchen drain


In conclusion, clogged drains can be such a nuisance. From your bathroom to the kitchen, a clogged drained can slow you down leaving unwanted debris behind, and this can cause all sorts of other problems. In case you run into a drain emergency, locate and shut off all the valves in your home including the main water valve if there is a major water leak. If you are not familiar with the plumbing system of your home or you, don’t feel confident making any plumbing decisions, contact a plumber in DC for all your emergency plumbing and drain concerns.

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