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As a business owner, it is crucial to understand the calamity that can arise due to plumbing system issues on your commercial property. A plumbing emergency can either disrupt your business operations or bring it to a halt. This is when you will need the services of a professional commercial plumbing contractor. Selecting a commercial plumber is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business.  Choosing the wrong plumbing contractor may bring you substantial downtime in your business which can cripple your operations. The following are factors to consider when hiring and choosing a DC commercial plumber for your business.


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Licensed and Insured


Just like any other plumbing contractor, your prospective commercial plumber should have all the relevant credentials such as licenses and certifications. A good way of ensuring that the commercial plumber you are planning to hire is insured and licensed is to check with a recognized organization in DC or to ask the plumber to you his licenses and certifications simply.


Commercial Plumbing Experience


It is vital to find a plumbing contractor whose expertise is in commercial plumbing services. You should understand that not every plumbing company is capable of providing the plumbing services you need, and you may end up hiring a plumber with little or no experience in handling issues of commercial plumbing systems. To avoid causing more serious damages to your plumbing system, hire a professional with enough experience in offering commercial plumbing services.


Clear Upfront Pricing


Other than the licenses and plumbing experience, you should look for a plumbing service that will give you a detailed and written estimate of the service fee you will be paying them after the plumbing system inspections and maintenance. Hire a plumbing service in DC to help you work within the set budget without surprising you with the amount you need to pay once the inspection job is done.


Guarantees and Warranties


Look for a commercial plumber who is confident in the quality of his work, and confident enough to offer a warranty on the repairs he has done. A good commercial plumber should reimburse your money or repeat the repair job again until it is properly done in case you are dissatisfied with his work.


Customer Feedback


Naturally, all the plumbing contractors you shortlist will claim to be the best at what they do, but you should not take their word for it. Instead, you should verify their claims by asking about the past repair jobs they have done with their previous clients. You can ask them for a list of referrals and find out whether their clients were satisfied with their services or not.


24-Hour Plumbing Services


Plumbing emergencies can occur at any given moment, which is why you should hire a plumber capable of providing services all round-the-clock. A 24-hour plumbing service is a vital asset to your business since they can be contacted easily in case of a plumbing emergency in the wee hours of the night. Your plumber should be reliable enough to respond promptly and provide plumbing services when emergencies occur.

In conclusion, at some point, your business will require some plumbing services from a reliable plumber. So as to decide on the one to hire, consider the pricing, experience, competence, and availability to save you from the stress of putting your business operations to a stop. You can contact a DC commercial plumber to handle all your commercial plumbing problems and needs.


There are various amenities and utilities that will enable you to fully and completely enjoy your stay in your home. Some of the common utilities are telecommunications, water, electricity, drainage, gas, and security. These utilities are interrelated systems that are installed during the construction of your house. One of the most important utilities among these is the gas system. Generally, this system uses a network of pipes and tubes, and it is usually hidden from view.

However, a gas system can be very critical depending on the potential risk it can create. Whether it is LPG or natural gas, the potential danger lies in the fact that gas is highly combustible. This means that you can generate a flame in case a spark catches some small amounts of released gas, and if there was an ongoing gas leak, this can endanger lives and cause damage to property.  It is, therefore, a wise idea to get a DC master gas fitter to handle your gas installations and maintenance. The following are the benefits that you stand to gain if you are in DC and you decide to hire a master gas fitter.


Prevents A Potential Disaster From Happening


The gas fitting service can inspect and also check the entire chain of your gas line. They will examine from the entry to exit for any possible breach and corrosion and any other damage to the piping network that connects your gas equipment and appliances. The gas fitting service has the tools and equipment that can enable them to detect any leaks in the pipes, connectors and connecting joints. They will correct the problems immediately if there is any and also check your pipes, outlets, and appliances, such as furnaces and water heaters, for safety and efficiency.


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To Know The Actual Condition Of Your Gas System


Having a professional gas fitter check your gas system will enable you to discover some potential repairs indicated in your gas system. By doing this, you are in a position to handle the situation in time and prevent any potential dangers. In case a leak is found, your timing is done to perfection since the professionals will perform the leak correction immediately.


To Know How Your Gas System Works


You can maximize the value of the professional service fee by asking relevant questions. The professionals will be willing and happy to accommodate your questions regarding your gas system. They know that once you are satisfied with their answers and also the services they render, you will endorse them to other homeowners.


Knowing Who To Call In Case Of An Emergency


Knowing who to call if an emergency situation occurs is the most important benefits of preventing potential disasters. The initial engagement with the gas fitting service provider will serve the purpose for which they were called. And that is to inspect the gas line. Once they are done with it, you can establish a communication network for your future needs not only regarding your gas system but the other utilities as well.

In conclusion, you are responsible for ensuring the safe operation and maintenance of your gas equipment and appliances. Ensure that your gas system is checked regularly by a professional. You can seek the services of a master gas fitter in DC for all your gas installations, repairs, and maintenance needs.

A Quick Guide To Commercial Repairs Here In DC

Businesses, like homes, need structural repairs sometimes. Such repairs can range from a quick fix to a lengthy repair project. While the latter can certainly be a huge headache for business owners, DC-area business owners are lucky in that they have scores of reputable service providers to choose from for their repair needs. This article will highlight some of the common repairs that need done in commercial facilities, as well as steps that DC-area business owners can take to ensure that the repairs are done right.


Commercial Plumbing Repairs


Plumbing repairs are one of the costs of doing business, for any company. There are several plumbing issues that could arise at some point. One of the most dangerous, for a business, is leaky pipes. If left unrepaired, a leaky pipe could cause your company’s water bill to skyrocket, and it could cause structural damage to your building. If that weren’t bad enough, it could even damage important documents and equipment (for this reason, and many others, it is important to have a disaster recovery plan in place). If you do suspect that one of your pipes is leaking, call a DC commercial plumber to come fix it right away. Your business could also face sewer issues, often because of a broken or worn-out sewer line. Problems with your sewer line can lead to costly and inconvenient backups. For an issue like this, you will want to call a DC commercial sewer repair company to come out and inspect your sewer line right away.




Commercial Electric Repair


Electrical problems can also be a huge hassle for your company, as loss of power equals loss of production time, which in turn equals loss of money. Furthermore, problems with electrical wiring can even cause fires! If the electrical system at your business needs repairing, call a licensed DC commercial electrician to come out to your business right away. Do not simply have one of your employees try to fix this problem, as that could lead to even more issues, as well as compromise employee safety.


Similar to electrical problems, your company’s internet and computer server will likely need occasional repairs as well. If you have an IT person or department, they should be able to handle most repairs. Major crashes, however, will likely require additional hands. Often, the vendor who sold you the equipment will be able to send out a service technician to help with repairs. If this is not an option, call an IT repair person here in DC to come out and assist you.


Structural Repairs To Your Office


Sometimes, you will need to make repairs to the structure of your office or facility itself. Repairs might include fixing the roof of your office (especially after a storm) and even repairing damaged walls. In this case, you can call a contractor here in the DC area to come out and inspect your property. You might have to work around the contractor while repairs are being made, but such repairs are essential to the success of your business.

How To Handle Your Commercial Remodel Here In D.C.

Have you been thinking about remodeling your business here in the Washington, D.C. area? This is a big decision, but it is one that can lead to huge growth for your company. Before you invest in a substantial commercial remodel, read some of the tips below. Whether you are looking to add extra space to your existing office, combine rooms for a more open feel, or redecorate your office space, this article has you covered.


Adding Space To Your Existing Office


Given the soaring prices of real estate here in the D.C. area, many local business owners are opting to expand their existing office space, rather than purchase new property. Making such a renovation is a very complicated, costly, and time consuming endeavor, involving the work of local architects, electricians, D.C. commercial plumbing services, and contractors in the Washington area. That said, making such an expansion to either your warehouse or your office can be a great way to meet your company’s space-saving needs without having to purchase commercial real estate. You and your employees might have to make some adjustments to the daily work routine while renovations are going on, but at least you will not need to pack up and relocate completely!




Opening Up The Space In Your Office


Perhaps your office has enough space to meet your operating needs, but it needs some rearranging. If this is the case, you are certainly not alone. These days, many businesses are choosing to open up more space: knocking down walls to create shared offices, or even doing away with offices altogether and setting up cubicles for all employees. There are a few advantages to this approach. For one, it allows you to accommodate a growing workforce, as it ensures you will have the space for new employees. Additionally, many business owners and employees find that creating a more open space also creates more open communication. Since communication is a key aspect of any successful business, there is a very good chance that opening up the space in your office will increase productivity. Finally, having a space in which there are no offices helps erase some of the division between management and lower-level employees. Companies where management is more accessible tend to run much more smoothly and efficiently.


Redecorating Your Office


This is one of the easier changes you can make, as these renovations are often cosmetic in nature. If employees and customers find your office space to be drab and uninspiring, try sitting down with an interior decorator here in the D.C. area and coming up with ideas. A good interior decorator will help you make the most out of your space, while creating an environment that is most conducive to your particular business. If such an endeavor sounds too costly, try searching online for some good office decorating ideas. Even simple, low-cost measures, like painting walls and hanging up motivational pictures can make a huge difference. Having the right space can do wonders to your bottom line.



Three Differences Between Commercial And Residential Plumbers

When it comes to plumbing, there are lots of people that question the difference between a commercial service and a residential service. The truth is that to an extent, both services are the same. The same materials are used for residential and commercial repairs. Both services perform the same basic functions.

Generally, companies that provide commercial services will also provide residential, and vice versa. Even though the company may be one in the same, there are different obstacles that a DC commercial plumber may face. Three of the obstacles they may encounter are the size of the plumbing system, working on multiple floors, and a variety of issues.


Size Of The Plumbing System


The size of the plumbing system is the obvious difference between a residential service and a commercial service. Commercial plumbing will require more pipes and drainage systems to be employed, in comparison to residential systems. Businesses not only have to provide sinks and toilets for their employees to use, they also must provide a bathroom facility for their customers.

Even small businesses will have two separate bathrooms for customers and guests. With the added bathrooms, additional piping is required to bring water into the area. Commercial buildings demands are increased and residential systems cannot suffice.


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Working On Multiple Floors


Commercial buildings are usually bigger than residential homes. Most residential plumbing jobs entail performing work on one to two floors. Office buildings may have multiple stories. Each story will require access to a sink or toilet for employees and customers.

Gravity can adversely affect the way that pipes function. Water pressure can become an issue in buildings that possess multiple stories. Plumbers that regularly work on commercial piping systems understand how much work can go into fixing a plumbing issue in an office building.


Variety Of Other Issues


Most residential plumbing issues are variations of the same basic problems. The pipes are clogged, a pipe has busted, or a foreign object has been flushed down the drain, are the most common issues. Commercial plumbing issues may not be as simple. Due to the size of commercial piping systems, it is vital that you hire a plumber that understands how these systems work.

Commercial plumbers must be trained on how to work on the piping systems of businesses. They need to know city codes for removing or replacing pipes. They also need to be prepared for any other problems that may occur as they are rectifying the present issue.

Residential plumbers have the required skills and mindset to handle most plumbing problems that occur in homes. If there is plumbing issue at an office or business, you will require the skillset of an expert that can handle a job of that magnitude. The professional should be aware of other issues that may occur while fixing the current problem.

A commercial plumbing service will perform various tasks to identify the problem, if the business has not informed them of the issue. The size of the business, along with the number of stories within the building can complicate the job. A professional commercial plumber will know how to handle things, if something does not go as planned.

Upgrading Your Washington, D.C. Office Or Place Of Business

If you are a business owner here in the Washington, D.C. area, then you are in luck: there are many local contractors and service providers who can help you upgrade your business or office so that it is outfitted for maximum comfort and efficiency! This article will examine some of the ways you can ready your D.C. office for business in the twenty-first century.


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Go Wireless


A lot of us have wireless internet in our homes, but you would be surprised how many businesses are still going online the old-fashioned way, with modems and cables. There are many internet service providers here in the D.C. area who can upgrade your whole office with wireless internet. There are many advantages to having wireless internet in your office. For one, it allows greater mobility for your employees. Work can be done on a laptop, tablet, or smart phone from any area in the office. They will also be more connected, as they will be able to check emails and other electronic correspondence even while on breaks. Additionally, excess cords and cables can be both an eyesore and safety hazard, and wireless internet will greatly cut down on that!


Upgrade Your Plumbing


Often times, commercial plumbing upgrades happen after a plumbing issue pops up. Maybe a leaky pipe or a malfunctioning sprinkler system let you know (loudly and clearly) that it is time for an upgrade. As with most upgrades, plumbing upgrades are best taken care of before an issue ever arises. A good commercial plumber will examine the plumbing in your place of business and let you know if an upgrade is needed. It is essential that you hire someone with a reputation for honesty, who will not fabricate unnecessary “upgrades” and repairs just to increase their bottom line. If you are looking for an honest commercial plumber in DC, there are many places you can turn. Try asking other business owners who they work with, or checking a website that archives reviews of D.C. area commercial plumbers. This is an important upgrade that cannot be taken lightly!


Upgrading Your Breakroom And Common Areas


Employee morale is essential to every successful business, and making sure that your employees have enjoyable areas in which they can spend their downtime is a crucial tool for morale-building. There are many steps you can take to upgrade your company’s break areas from tolerable to downright enjoyable! One way you can do this is by adding vending machines. Work with a vending machine company in D.C. who will make sure your employees have access to delicious food and drinks while on breaks. And it doesn’t stop at soda and candy either: many offices have vending machines that feature hot coffee, microwavable entrees, even essential personal care items! These can go a long way toward making your employees feel more comfortable and satisfied. Another great way to achieve this goal is by adding games, such as foosball, Ping-Pong, or even billiards. After exciting diversions such as these, your employees should return to work satisfied and productive, especially if they won!


What To Do When Disaster Strikes At Your D.C. Business

As a business owner here in Washington D.C., you don’t like to think of major disasters occurring at your office, warehouse, or business location. Unfortunately, though, they do happen. Preparedness is key to reducing any losses from such a catastrophe. By having a plan in place, and the means to execute that plan, you can greatly cut down on any costly consequences following an unfortunate occurrence at your place of business. Sometimes, this preparation can literally be the deciding factor in whether your business fails or succeeds. This article will highlight some of the ways that you can make sure your business maintains success even in the face of catastrophic events.


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Make Sure That Your Building Can Hold Up When Disaster Strikes


For the success of your company, as well as the safety of your employees, it is important to make sure that your building and systems are disaster-ready. This means having a tornado shelter, if your business is in an area where tornadoes are prevalent. It also means having emergency exits, working alarms, and an emergency warning system. Additionally, it means that the structure of the building is designed for maximum safety. Make sure that your building is well-insulated, to help prevent fires from spreading. You also need to make sure that your building has an adequate sprinkler system, to cut down on fire damage. If your sprinkler system needs upgrading, there are several D.C. commercial plumbing services who can work with you on this essential upgrade. Not only can this upgrade potentially save your building and all of the files and equipment in it, it can also save your employees’ lives. At the end of the day, making sure that all of your employees get home safely is the most important thing.


Have A Disaster Recovery Plan In Place


The best way to handle any potential disaster that may strike your business is to have a recovery plan in place. To be honest, formulating such a plan means visualizing things you would rather not think about. It also means an honest assessment of your facilities and workforce. Perhaps most importantly, it involves asking the hard questions and making sure that you have detailed answers for them. Such questions might include, “What is the best place to store important documents, inventory, and/or equipment?” “Is offsite storage a viable option?” “What would we do if all documents, inventory, or equipment were lost?” “How will employee roles change following such an event?” “How will we train employees to effectively do their jobs following such an event?” This is just a sample of some of the questions you will likely need to answer in drafting your disaster recovery plan. The important thing is to make sure that you have a thorough plan in place, and that all of the recommendations are implemented. This is where communication is key. Communicate these expectations to your employees. If further training is needed, invest in that training. If additional purchases are needed, do not put them off. Disaster can strike at any moment. How well you handle it depends on your preparation.



Finding The Best Service Providers Here In Washington, D.C.

One of the greatest perks of living in Washington, D.C. is the sheer variety of what is available. Looking to go out to eat? You have countless restaurants – serving every type of cuisine – to choose from. Looking to go to a museum? You could spend months touring all of the amazing museums here in Washington! Looking to go shopping? Whatever you are looking to buy, chances are, there is a store in D.C. that has it. This same variety applies to service providers as well. As a new homeowner here in D.C. you have endless contractors, plumbers, landscapers, roofers, and repair companies to choose from. This variety can be a blessing and a curse: you have access to so many different service companies that choosing one can seem like a monumental task! This article will offer some pointers that will help you narrow down your search here in the D.C. area.





Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Around



Information is power here in the capital, and your connections can go a long way to ensuring your success! Use those same connections when searching for the perfect D.C. service provider for your home. Whether you are looking for D.C. plumbing services, electricians, roofers, or any other type of service provider, chances are good that your friends, acquaintances, and colleagues have ample experience working with all of the above. In almost every case, they will be more than willing to share their insider information with you. This way you can figure out who will provide you with superior service and whose work may be…well…less than stellar. What’s more, if you have a personal connection to a D.C. area service provider (in a “friend of a friend” sort of way) they may offer to provide service at a discounted rate. While this is not a guarantee and certainly should not be expected, it could be a pleasant surprise!



Utilize The Internet For Your Search



The internet is a great tool for finding a wonderful service provider here in the Washington, D.C. area. There are several sites that, like the yellow pages of old, list all providers in a given field of service. Since D.C. is such a populous area, any comprehensive list will be several pages long. Luckily, the internet can help you separate the good from the bad as well. There are many sites that not only offer contact information for various local service providers, but also reviews from actual customers here in the D.C. area! This can be an excellent way to get an opinion (and even a second, third, and fourth opinion!) on a service provider that you think might be a good fit. Another word to the wise: the internet can also be a great tool for finding deals. Many service providers offer discounts on their website that you can take advantage of. You can also try checking local coupon and deal sites to see if you can save any money on your next estimate or service appointment!



The Basic Services Offered By Commercial Plumbers

Commercial plumbers are individuals that take care of the plumbing needs of business owners. These individuals work on large piping systems that supply large-scale buildings with water and waste services. DC commercial plumbers are called in whenever plumbing emergencies arise. Anything that could disrupt the daily activities of a business needs to be rectified immediately. Businesses cannot afford to shut themselves down whenever a maintenance issue arises.

Upon arrival, a plumber will assess the issue and provide a quote for their services. Once the quote has been provided, it is up to the business owner if they would like to proceed. If the quote is accepted, the plumbing professional will begin their work to rectify the issue. The quicker that the plumber can fix the problem, the better it is for the business that has employed them.


Categories Of Commercial Plumbers


commercial plumbing service DC


There are different types of plumbers that concentrate on various parts of a plumbing system. While some plumbers choose to deal with repairs to the piping system, others concentrate on fixing heating systems, or installing new fixtures. Natural gas disturbances are something that plumbers deal with as well. In buildings that utilize natural gas, a plumber will need to repair, install, and maintain the appliances, to protect the safety of the public.


The Plumbers Role


It is the plumbers job to install, repair, or fix issues that could arise within the water supply system. Plumbing is a dirty job, and requires the men and women who work in the industry to not be afraid of getting their hands dirty. When installing new lines, or putting in drainage systems, plumbers must dig into the earth to set up trench systems. The systems are then connected to the main water supply or sewage system for proper disposal.

Contaminants will need to be monitored, ensuring that they do not enter the piping system. After laying the outdoor system, the indoor plumbing tasks will need to be completed. These tasks involve installing any water sources the business will need.  Fountains, toilets, sinks, sprinklers, and showers are some of the indoor fixtures that require a water source.


Maintaining Indoor and Outdoor Water Sources


Maintenance is an important aspect of commercial plumbing. Drainage and heating systems will need to be closely monitored to ensure that they adhere to their job function. Catching a plumbing issue early can help business owners save massive amounts of money on costly repairs. Not to mention, it helps to ensure that the business does not have to shut down to have repairs fixed.

Plumbers are given a lot of tasks to take care of, when it comes to commercial buildings. While performing their job, they will need to adhere to all health regulations and local codes for commercial infrastructures. Therefore, it is vital that a professional is called upon to provide commercial services, using an unlicensed or novice plumber is frowned upon.

Three Reasons To Thank Your Local Plumber

The phrase, “first world problems” is an adage that has become conversational in modern day society. Living in America, there are certain things that people feel they are entitled to. Clean water, waste removal, and operational bathroom facilities are a few of things that people feel they should have, without question.  Although these things may seem minuscule to some, the work that others must put in to deliver these services is complex.


The Necessity of Clean Water


Water is something that every living creature needs to survive. But, years of torture on the environment, coupled with a growing population, has made it impossible to keep natural waters clean. Science has shown what the effects of untreated water have on the body. Many wouldn’t consider taking a drink of water from a muddy pond, but without DC sewer services you might have to. It is the job that these plumbers and service members do, that helps keep water safe for consumption.

The task of purifying water, and ensuring that water is delivered properly, takes interaction from two separate entities. Plumbers have the task of ensuring that your pipes are in working order, so your water can be delivered to your residence. If a pipe is busted, corroded, or clogged, this could adversely affect the water that is delivered into your home.


Imagine A World Without Waste Removal



It is a warm Saturday morning, and after pouring yourself a cold glass of water, nature decides to call. You walk into your bathroom, carry out the deed and go to flush the toilet; but the water doesn’t move. You panic, and start looking around the toilet to see if there is anything you can do to fix the problem. There is nothing wrong with the toilet, the problem is your waste services.

Just think of how quickly the issue of no waste servicing could escalate over the course of a few days. It is hard to imagine living in a world without sewer service and septic tanks to ensure that your daily waste is properly disposed of. The odor alone from waste buildup is enough to make someone sick, add onto the fact that there is nothing to eliminate the buildup, and things could get bad fast.


Daily Showers Would Be No More


Could you imagine not being able to walk into your bathroom and take a hot shower in the morning to wake you up? Or even better, not being able to take a shower or bath because your utilities in your bathroom are not functioning? Operational toilet facilities are important to residents and businesses alike. The task that goes into ensuring that these facilities remain operational falls on plumbers offering sewer repair services.

Thankfully, we can all be proud that we live in the so-called land of entitlement, because we do not have to go without the things that many people take for granted. We can wake up, pour us a cold glass of water, eliminate waste whenever nature calls, and take our morning showers without worry. It is the plumbers that decide to work in this type of field that we should all be thanking. Without them, this world would be a dirty clogged up mess.